How Do I Get an Internship in the NFL?

For those seeking an internship in the NFL, the process with which to secure that role is fairly straightforward. If you follow the steps outlined by the league and can abide by the qualifications requirements, you have a great chance at scoring the role. For more on the exact outlines of the process, read on.

NFL Internship Benefits, Overview

The benefits to an NFL internship are many. Those interning with this organization are set to score some invaluable experience, gain exciting access, and see how things work from the inside out in this massive, world-recognized sports organization. Interns also are given question-and-answer sessions with top executives, tours, and even materials and one-on-one time for their very own projects.

The program lasts for eight to nine weeks, and interns are expected to work in their intern positions for five days a week with an approximate total of 40 hours worked weekly. Interns are also paid an hourly rate for their time in their role. Internships are generally provided in one of two areas: league internships and team internships. In a league internship, the intern works for the National Football League performing a league role and duties. In a team internship, the intern is employed as an intern for a specific team handling their specific needs as a team.

The Application Process

To find and apply for an internship in the NFL, one must utilize the league’s representative job listing site, Teamwork Online. Here, the league and its various teams post job and internship openings, their details, and application instructions. The main NFL website does not typically provide these listings.

Important Qualifications

While the rewards are many and the NFL is openly committed to 100 percent inclusion and diversity, there are still several qualifiers applicants must satisfy to advance through the application process. According to the National Football League, these requirements include the following:

  • All prospective interns must be currently enrolled undergraduates entering their senior year at the time of submission. Prospective legal interns must be law students currently enrolled at and returning to school.
  • Only undergraduate students with an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and law students in the top half of their class will be considered.
  • Applicants must be legally permitted to work in the United States and international students must have all visas and employment authorizations before the start of the internship. Completion of this application assumes eligibility to work in the United States.
  • Academic transcripts (official or unofficial) will be requested.
  • A completed application constitutes the completion and submission of all relevant fields in the profile, including the program-specific questions and résumé.

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The rewards for scoring an internship with the NFL are priceless. Not only does the intern gain valuable experience and access, but they also have a chance at becoming a full-time, non-intern employee for the league or a team therein. For all interested in applying, these are the basics about pursuing an internship in the NFL.

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