How Can I Get a Job with the Paralympics?

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is an inspiring organization. It offers talented athletes living with disabilities a similar opportunity for international competition and cultural exchange as the Olympics offers other athletes. A job with this organization is a dream for many, but a reality for only a few. Here are some tips for getting a job with the Paralympics.

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1. Volunteer

Show support for the Paralympics mission by gaining experience working with the target population. Donate time to organizations that help people do things their disabilities tell them they should not be able to do. This is not only a way to gain experience without changing your current job, but it also shows a deeper level of commitment to the cause. Since this is one of the things that you cannot train people, it is one of the things the IPC will be looking for on applications. It also provides an opportunity to make a difference in the local community. For help locating volunteer roles, visit Volunteer Match. If geographically possible, prioritize volunteering directly with the IPC.

2. Earn a Degree

Higher levels of education translate to increased employment eligibility. The IPC is a large company with many professional needs or opportunities. Choose a degree program in something that piques both interest and passion on its own, as it might be necessary to work for several years in another role before the perfect one opens up in the IPC. The majority of jobs frequently opening up will be in the areas of business, marketing, and international relations, so these majors are good choices.

3. Learn A Second Language

Since the IPC is an international organization, applicants who show an inclination toward international cooperation will shine. Participate in a wide variety of cultural exchange experiences, and especially work towards becoming proficient in a second language. The IPC Headquarters are located in Bonn, Germany, so German is a good choice. Community colleges, language schools, community recreation centers, and adult education institutions are all excellent places to look for high-quality language courses at reasonable prices.

4. Hone Interview Skills

Any successful job search will require an interview component. The IPC is an organization grounded in interpersonal interaction, so it is especially important to be able to display these skills. Find a mentor in a field of interest, and ask them for coaching and advice on interviewing. Try to find a connection already involved with the IPC for added value. Then get as much practice as possible. Ask for help from friends and family. Apply for a large variety of positions to gain exposure and become prepared for several different types of interviews.

5. Apply!

Finally, visit IPC Jobs and find positions that sounds interesting and attainable! The more positions applied for, the more interest it shows in working for the organization, and the more chances there are for landing one of them. Check the site often for new openings, and reach out to contacts listed in the posting.

Working for an organization like the International Paralympic Committee is challenging goal. By following the suggestions above, it is also an attainable one. Just like the athletes who compete, do not give up on the dream of being part of this powerful organization!

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