Do Any Non-profits Hire Sports Management Graduates?

If you have a passion for helping others and you also want to work in sports philanthropy, your two passions can be combined when you pursue a Sports Management position through a non-profit organization. When college students go to school and decide to study Sports Management or Sports Philanthropy, they might not initially consider working for a public non-profit as opposed to a private for-profit organization. Here’s what you need to know about pursuing non-profit sports management roles:

Where Can You Pursue Non-Profit Sports Management Jobs?

Before you enter school and decide to change your major or your minor to satisfy the qualifications of certain job listings, you need to know where you will be eligible to seek employment after you’ve earned your degree. Since working as a sports manager within a non-profit is a very specific targeted opportunity, there are only a few different routes you can travel down with a major in Sports Management and a minor in Non-Profit Management.

The most well known non-profit with open management roles on a regular basis is the YMCA. With locations all over the United States, you can pursue program director, development coordinator, engagement director, and facilities director roles locally or all the way across the country. Special Olympics Incorporated is yet another large organization with positions posted worldwide. Companies like DICK’S Sporting Goods, also have a DICK’S Foundation with non-profit roles to enhance youth sports participation.

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Why Work for a Non-Profit?

Many people assume that they have the potential to earn substantially more money if they work for a private organization operating for profit. While there are many sports organizations with high salary caps for their sports managers, it doesn’t mean that non-profits don’t pay well. In fact, many of the larger non-profits are able to pay larger salaries to managers and executives because the entity itself has so many tax benefits and write-offs. This leaves more money for employees to make.

In addition to the higher salaries reported at many of the larger non-profits, the organizations themselves are able to offer their other huge benefits that translate into even more value. Some of these include more comprehensive health insurance, tuition reimbursement or assistance programs, child care credits, healthy lifestyle benefits, and more paid vacation time.

What is the Average Salary of a Sports Manager?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a business manager in sports or entertainment is $62,080 per year. This includes roles for coaches, scouts, sports agents, and marketing managers. This average can be driven up or pushed down dramatically by the setting in which the professional works, the location, and their level of experience. According to the same BLS report, the top 10% of earners in the field make $194,810 per year.

Average Salaries in Non-Profit Management

Average salaries in non-profit management may fall into the average BLS salaries reported but it’s hard to see how salaries compare without pulling these records out separately. According to PayScale, the average salary for a non-profit executive director is $61,935. The average increases for the CEO and the COO, upwards of $150,000.

There are plenty of non-profits to choose from that will hire sports management graduates. If you want to improve your chances of working in sports philanthropy as a non-profit director, tailor your education even more by studying both the sports industry and the non-profit industry all at once.

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