Are there any Entrance Exams to get into a Master’s in Sports Management Program?

Before you can gain entry into a graduate level Sports Management program, you need to attain an acceptable score on the appropriate standardized entrance exam. The purpose of graduate-level entrance exams are not to place students in the appropriate classes, but instead to determine whether or not the prospective student is competent enough to complete the curriculum that has been developed for certain degree programs. If you would like to learn about which exams you will need to prep for to turn your Bachelor’s degree into a Master’s degree in some area of sports leadership, read on and determine which ones you will need to schedule.

The Graduate Management Admissions Test

One of the entrance exams that is most commonly required when you are trying to showcase your business skills is the Graduate Management Admission Test. Often called the GMAT, this test has become one of the preferred tests in admissions councils all across the world. It includes 4 different categories that will measure the abilities that you will use in managing a sports organization. These test sections include: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal. Like any test, preparation for this examination is crucial. You should familiarize yourself with the format and also the content before you attempt the test.

The Graduate Record Exam

The Graduate Record Exam, commonly referred to as the GRE, is a general admissions test that is geared more towards students who attend graduate programs. The big difference is that schools with terminal degree offerings often prefer to use the GRE to measure a student’s ability. This test has three different sections which include: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Quantitative Reasoning. You should be sure to check with the schools you would like to attend before you commit to taking either the GMAT or the GRE.

Exams for Foreign Students

If you studied for your undergraduate degree overseas, there is a good chance that you will be required to take some additional entrance exams before you can study in the US. The school will check to see if you are a fluent English speaker and if you are capable of reading and writing in English as well. These are skills that all students will need if they want to get past day one in class. The most common test requirement is the International English Language Testing System or the Test of English as a Foreign Language. One or both of these proficiency exams are required of students who are coming to the United States from a non-English speaking country.

It is important to prepare for entrance exams prior to taking them. If you are serious about becoming a sports manager, you need to give yourself the best possibility for a future by getting into an accredited school with the best possible program. Once you have a list of schools with sports leadership programs, the next step is reviewing the admissions requirements. This will help you schedule the right entrance exam so that you can study to enroll in the sports management program of your choice.