Pfeiffer University

Pfeiffer University may have been established in 1885, but they are now a globally engaged educational institution that offers distinctly private undergraduate and graduate experiences. Pfeiffer University is a modest liberal arts college located in an average, small town. The university maintains historical ties with the United Methodist church, but they also offer innovative and engaging academic programs. Pfeiffer University has campuses in Misenheimer, which offers traditional undergraduate degrees, Raleigh-Durham, which offers graduate degrees and Charlotte, which offer graduate and professional degrees. The historical undergraduate campus in Misenheimer, North Carolina is located 40 miles northeast of Charlotte the capitol. Approximately 1,000 students attend Pfeiffer University every year.

Pfeiffer University Accreditation Details

-Pfeiffer University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Pfeiffer University Application Requirements

Pfeiffer University maintains a rolling admissions system, but encourages students to submit their applications before May to improve their chances of being accepted. Students must submit their transcripts that show they have completed four credits of English, three credits of math, two credits of science and two credits of social studies. The online application form also allows students to submit their American College Testing (ACT) or Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores. Approximately 60 percent of students who apply are accepted by the Office of Admissions.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The yearly tuition rate is around $26,200, which doesn’t include $925 in fees, $10,425 for room and board and $1,500 for books and supplies. Part-time students who take less than 12 semester hours will pay $659 per credit. Full-time students who take over 19 semester hours will pay $640 per credit. Pfeiffer University encourages students to submit their FAFSAs to becoming eligible for Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans, which offer undergraduates low interest rates of about four to five percent. Graduate students’ interest rates for direct subsidized loans and direct unsubsidized loans is around five to six percent.

Students must be at least part time, which is three credits for graduate students and six credits for undergraduate students, to quality for direct unsubsidized loans. The Direct Parent Plus Loan is designed for undergraduates and offer a higher fixed interest rate of seven to eight percent. All students are automatically considered for standard academic scholarships of up to $12,000 after their application is accepted. Academic scholarships are based on GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores and high school course difficulty. Honor Scholarship students are not eligible for these standard awards. All scholarships are annually renewable by meeting the designated GPA requirements.

Student Experience

Pfeiffer University may be a very small private college, but they offer rigorous academic programs. The sport management, which is offered through the university’s Division of Business, prepares graduates for careers in sports communications, athletics administration and facilities management. The Bachelor of Arts in sport management program explores the unique sport management and administration industries. Many graduates go on to find employment as coaches, leaders and directors of professional sports teams and programs. Others find work in athletic administration, sports facilities coordination and sport business retail management. Like the world of sports, this degree program challenges student-athletes to push the limits of their academic endurance and achieve optimal performance. The curriculum requires a minimum of 62 semester hours of core classes.

Students learn about the value and functionality of professional management to sports programs and organizations. Classes introduce sports related business laws, which cover the legal principles and terminology as they apply to amateur and professional sports. Students learn how to analyze legal ramifications of decisions and limit the liability of sports organizations. This class will cover sports law related to torts, branding, contract law and intellectual property. Classes on event planning, budgeting and management provide an integrated introduction to athletic, recreational, entertainment affairs. Learning about strategic and organizational management means that students are presented with real-world situations faced by sports managers across the country every day. Students learn about the psychology of individual and group behaviors through the lenses of diversity, motivation, discipline, decision making, structural design and organizational development.

This degree may include writing intensive courses that focus on the development of comprehensive business plans. Business classes may include marketing, accounting, finance, economics and political coursework. This liberal approach to standard business curricula helps students to develop critical thinking and effective communication competencies.
Sports marketing courses apply basic marketing concepts to amateur and professional sports organizations. Class topics may cover promotions, sponsorship, public relations, market planning, information management and sports consumer behavior. Class projects may challenge students to present a marketing mix and plan for specific athletic products, services and professionals. Students may be challenged to research brand, positioning, distribution, ecommerce and relationship marketing techniques. Standard business classes like financial accounting cover the accounting cycle, journalizing transactions and financial statements like income and cash flow. Students will learn about the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Pfeiffer University is a Division II member of the NCAA and the Conference Carolinas. Starting in 2017, they will be a Division III member. Pfeiffer University has 20 athletic teams, which includes golf, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, basketball, cross country and outdoor track. The small campus offers plenty of activities for students to do.
Student activities include fiestas, dances, hiking, bonfire, camping, white water rafting and sporting events. Owning a car is recommended because Pfeiffer University is 20 to 30 miles from civilization. Pfeiffer is a small school, so students really get to connect with their professors. The classroom sizes are typically small, which gives students one-on-one learning environments, and most of the professors have flexible office hours, so they are generally available to help students. Most degree programs require students to take many general education requirement classes to graduate, so students learn a lot outside of their majors. Students who play sports and students who are affiliated with the Methodist church will probably receive scholarships.

Pfeiffer University is a private, nonprofit educational institution that endorses the Methodist church and the liberal arts. The university presents plenty of opportunities for students to experience life, academics and cultural lessons every day. Pfeiffer University’s sports management degree comes with an extensive internship that provides valuable employment experience.

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