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Northwood UniversityNorthwood University was designed to groom academics into leaders in their respective industries. Many past students of this institution have moved on to exceptionally successful careers after completing their degree in Entertainment, Sport, Promotion Management. Graduates of this program have been trained to develop the business acumen, leadership abilities, interpersonal skills and the entrepreneurial mindset that is needed to always be one step ahead in this field. The program is also designed to help students develop the ability to think critically, communicate effectively and to solve problems; skills which can give them a distinct advantage in any business environment around the world.

Students also participate in a hands-on internship in order to complete the Entertainment, Sport, Promotion Management program. Members of the Northwood alumni have become integral parts of noteworthy organizations such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Detroit Pistons and Under Armour. As a result, these institutions have opened their doors to facilitate the internship arrangement. Students gain invaluable real world experience and these institutions are able to engage prospective employees that can contribute positively to their organizational objectives.

A few of the noteworthy members of the Northwood Alumni include but is not limited to:

  • Candice Miller from the U.S House of Representatives
  • Robert Height, an outstanding professional football player
  • Dave Attenson, who has been credited with inventing the sensational fidget spinner
  • Ana Brnabić, who is the current Prime Minister of Serbia and the only woman to have ever served in that office

Northwood provides all students with the typical experience of attending a four year college. Students choose from a wide range of exciting extracurricular activities and develop ways to balance their time in order to accomplish clearly defined goals. The professors are readily accessible in person and electronically. Some professors even regularly post academic articles on social media for the benefit of their students. The school offers wide range of highly sought after degree programs, including the sports management program.

About Northwood University

Northwood University was founded on March 23, 1959 by Doctors R. Gary Stauffer and Arthur Turner. The school was built in Alma, Michigan, but in 1961, it was moved to Midland, Michigan. Both founders were driven by the idea of revolutionizing the education system and they were willing to sacrifice anything to achieve this dream. Stauffer and Turner envisioned an education institution which honed the skills of ethics-driven professionals who had an interest in management. Dr. David E. Fry began governing the school in 1982 and he was then succeeded by Dr. Keith Pretty in 2006. Despite the changes, the school continues to champion the ideals of Stauffer and Turner.

The school continues to expand each year and offers training programs in 20 locations across the United States. Northwood has also extended its reach globally and educates brilliant minds in countries such as China, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. This allows each student access to some of the brightest minds in economic policy, entrepreneurship and research. As the school expands, it continues to innovate and this improves the experience of each student.

Athletes who represent Northwood are called the Timberwolves. These athletes regularly participate and excel in a wide range of sporting activities. Both male and female Timberwolves participate in the highly anticipated Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference since Northwood is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is little wonder that so many past students of Northwood have become professional athletes or have very successful careers in the sporting industry.

Northwood University Accreditation Details

When Northwood opened its doors to the first 100 students in 1959, it was a humble institute. The school has since progressed to becoming an accredited university. Northwood has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which is a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Education. The Entertainment, Sport, Promotion Management program, among others have been approved by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The school has also been accredited by various other regulatory bodies in the states of Texas, Kentucky, California, Louisiana and Illinois.

Northwood University Application Requirements

Admission into Northwood University is determined based on each applicant’s academic record, achievements and maturity. Northwood encourages diversity and does not consider age, ethnicity, disability, marital status, religion, creed or nationality when consideration applications. In fact, students from 107 different countries have benefitted from Northwood’s robust training program. Applicants are asked to provide:

  • Details of their GPA and class ranking from high school or any previous colleges attended
  • SAT and ACT scores
  • Details of their participation in any volunteer work or extracurricular activities

Choosing the right college is a weighty responsibility and applicants are encouraged to visit Northwood and contact the admissions team before applying.

Northwood University Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition and fees associated with getting a degree at Northwood are rather competitive. The associated fees are different for students who board and those who choose to commute. Students that commute to their classes pay approximately $26,000 per year if they are working toward completing 12 to 17 credits each semester. Room and board charges are at an additional $10,500 per annum.

Freshmen are obligated to board on the compound, unless they live with relatives whose homes are within 50 miles of the campus. Please also be mindful that textbooks and other supplies are estimated to cost about $1300. Travelling costs are also estimated to be around $1100 and $1800.

Applicants can apply for financial assistance and are encouraged to do so online in order to expedite the process. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. In order to complete the FAFSA applicants must disclose their email address, contact details and social security number. Applications should be submitted in early October, except in the case of students that live in Michigan who required need to apply before the 1st of March. The helpful team at Northwood University’s Financial Aid Office can answer your queries regarding the process. If you are interested in a wonderful educational opportunity, consider Northwood University.

Learn more about Northwood University at the Entertainment, Sport, Promotion Management website.

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