Limestone College

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Limestone College

Limestone College offers a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management that is suitable for students who want to work in the sports industry. As an interdisciplinary program, it allows students to study related fields and learn skills that will help them better understand the business side of sports. The college requires that students take business administration classes as well as physical education courses.

Many of the students enrolled in this program play on one of the college’s athletic teams. They learn how to work in a collaborative setting with other players and how to take on leadership roles. The college’s teams actually compete at three different levels. Its men’s lacrosse and golf teams won six national championships, while individual players won seven titles over the years. Limestone has 17 varsity teams. Male students can play for its basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, wrestling and other teams. The college has 11 teams for female students, including swimming and diving, cross country, field hockey, golf and track and field.

LC gives students the option of taking courses based on how they want to use their degrees and what interests them. Students will all take the same 11 classes, including Psychology of Sport, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Management of Physical Education, Health and Sports Programs. Some of the business classes they must take include Microeconomics, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing and Business Finance.

They will also take an Elementary Statistics class. Limestone College also requires that students take physical education classes such as Sports and History, Foundations of Physical Education and Sport Literature and Communications. Those who want to gain experience working for the YMCA, a professional sports team or an athletic company can do an internship for credit, too.

About Limestone College

Limestone College is a small college in South Carolina that offers both traditional and nontraditional degree programs. Founded in 1845, the college was the brainchild of a scholar from England named Thomas Curtis. Curtis and his son created the college as a way to offer educational opportunities to female students. Females at the time typically either didn’t attend college or went to schools that focused more on homemaking than on education. Limestone allowed its students to study the same subjects and take the same types of classes that male students on other campuses did. It remained a school for women until admitting its first men in the 1960s.

In addition to the traditional degree programs that the college offers, it now has an Extended Campus program that offers opportunities for nontraditional students. This program allows students to take classes at night and after they finish working for the day. They can also enroll in distance education programs and earn their degrees from anywhere. Some programs do have residency requirements though that ask students to do some work on the Limestone campus. It also has a special program designed for college students with learning disabilities. Between its Extended Campus and traditional programs, the college has an enrollment of more than 3,500 students.

Limestone College Accreditation Details

With both regional and specialty accreditation, Limestone College has all the forms of accreditation that students today look for and need in a college. The college earned its regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). This not only makes it more convenient and easier for students who want to transfer classes and credits, but it also allows incoming and returning students to apply for federal and state financial aid via the FAFSA. Its education and music programs have accreditation from professional organizations, too.

Limestone College Application Requirements

Students applying to Limestone College must use the application that applies to them. The college offers one application for traditional students and another for students who want to enroll in online or evening programs. Both of these are Express Applications that allow students to apply and submit their applications faster.

Each application features just three pages. The first page asks for personal information, including a name and home address. Students will also supply their email addresses and genders. After completing each page, the application will automatically update and let students know how much they still need to complete. They will also answer questions about whether they earned any college credits prior to applying to Limestone College and whether they currently work.

Though the college does not charge an application fee, traditional students will face fees later. Those students must send the college $50, which acts as an enrollment deposit. The college will use that money to hold a spot for the student in the fall class. Traditional students who want to live on-campus must pay a $100 housing deposit, too. The college will send students bills that show them what they owe before classes start and before it applies any financial aid to their accounts.

Limestone College Tuition and Financial Aid

Limestone College allows full-time students to take 12 credits up to 18 credit hours each semester without facing any additional fees. The college’s cost of attendance with all fees factored in is $12,450 per semester. Those who live on campus will pay at least $4,404 per semester for room and board. Students enrolled in one of its evening and online programs pay different rates. They’ll pay $1,323 for each three-credit course that they take. These students pay slightly more for the courses they take that meet on the college’s campus. Limestone offers discounts for military students that will reduce their courses to $729 per three-credit course.

Approximately 95% of all students attending Limestone College receive financial aid every year. Students must first file the FAFSA and list the school code for the college to show that they will attend that school. This determines if they qualify for grants from the South Carolina government as well as the grants and loans available from the federal government.

The college offers more than 10 different scholarships and grants too. Its Endowed Academic Scholarship awards students up to $6,000 a year, while the McMillian Scholarship awards students up to $8,000 a year. Some grants and scholarships only go to students majoring in select fields or those studying the performing arts, but students can also receive aid based on their high school grades and overall financial needs. Limestone College allows students to apply for many of these financial aid options online.

Learn more about Limestone College at the Sport Management program website.

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