Erskine College

Erskine College was founded in 1839 by the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. This was not the first educational institution founded by the organization as they had established an academy for men in 1835 as well as a seminary in 1837. Erskine became the first four-year denominational college in South Carolina.

Prior to the Civil War, the college was thriving. However, the war completely wiped out the endowment that kept the college running. Loyal college supporters rebuilt the endowment and financed construction of the Erskine Building. The supporters established English literature and chemistry chairs, hiring professors who were highly respected. These professors helped build Erskine’s reputation for academic excellence as the curriculum changed from classical to liberal arts. Erskine’s literary societies, which were established at the start of the college, helped grow Erskine’s reputation as a highly respected learning institute. Supplemented speech, literary training as well as a championship debate team promoted the reputation of the college.

In 1859, the Due West Female College, which later became Due West Woman’s College, was founded by Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church ministers. Erskine began admitting transfer students from the women’s college in 1894 and it became officially coeducational in 1899. In 1904, Due West officially came under the control of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. By 1925, Erskine, Due West and the seminary merged to create Erskine College.

During World War II, Erskine was a cadet training school for the United States Army Air Corps. After the war, enrollment grew quickly as soldiers returning from the conflict took advantage of the G.I. Bill. Erskine Theological Seminary began offering courses outside of Due West in the 1980s and began offering class schedules that met the needs of commuting students. Since then, many other denominations have become students at Erskine, including Presbyterian, Baptist, AME,, Methodist and Pentecostal. Erskine Virtual Campus was launched in the 1990s.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Erskine among the top liberal colleges in the country. It also ranks highly among colleges in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

Erskine College Accreditation Details

Erskine College is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Accreditation indicates that the college meets or exceeds standards that demonstrate excellence in education according to the organization and that they strive for improvement in all areas of the college. The following agencies and organizations accredit specific programs at the college:

  • Commission on Accrediting the Association of Theological Schools
  • National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Erskine College Application Requirements

Students who have earned no college credits after high school graduation are considered first-time freshmen. Applicants must complete an application and submit official high school transcripts along with official ACT or SAT scores.

Students who have earned college credit after graduation from high school may be considered transfer students. Students must submit an application as well as official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Students who have a GA lower than 2.0 or who have completed less than 24 hours of college work must also submit an official high school diploma and official ACT or SAT scores.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition at Erskine College is $32,540 per year. Financial aid is available through grants, loans, scholarships and college work-study programs. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to qualify for any financial aid programs at Erskine College. Erskine also accepts veteran and employment benefits.

Student Experience

Erskine College offer a Sports Management degree that provides students with a solid understanding of the science of health, as well as a complete view of the business aspect of the sporting industry. Students are prepared for careers in arena management, coaching or entrepreneurial efforts in the field fo sprots and health. Graduates have obtained positions that include corporate wellness director for hospital chains and major telecommunications companies.

Erskine College offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports. Students can choose to play, manage or work in the business side of any sporting activity in order to gain hands-on experience in sport management. Sports at Erskine include:

  • Baseball – Men
  • Basketball – Men and Women
  • Cross Country – Men and Women
  • Golf – Men and Women
  • Lacrosse – Women
  • Soccer – Men and Women
  • Softball – Women
  • Tennis – Men and Women
  • Volleyball – Men and Women

There are more than 40 clubs and organizations available to students at Erskine as well, providing leadership opportunities that allow students to put classroom learning into real practice. Many organizations offer field trips and outdoor activities that can help students in the Sports Management program learn more about promoting health and wellness through leisure activities. There are also many intramural sports leagues and an outdoor recreation club. Onward and Upward is an outdoor recreation organization that sponsors activities like rock climbing, hiking, white-water rafting and camping. The Rock Climbing Club encourages the sport of rock climbing and maintains the Erskine College rock wall.

Faith is a strong part of all curriculums at Erskine College. There are many denominational groups that provide faith-based activities throughout the year. There is a Fellowship of Christian Athletes open to players, coaches, trainers and others designed to promote Christ on campus and in the community. The College Chaplain also maintains an office available to advise, listen and encourage any student who needs spiritual guidance.

Students who are focused on entrepreneurial endeavors after college benefit from Enactus, formerly known as Students in Free Enterprise, a student group that promotes an understanding of market economics, entrepreneurial spirit, financial literacy and ethics. Fleet Fanatics inspires, supports and motivates athletes at Erskine, promoting awareness and attendance at all sporting events.

There are also many organizations designed to promote community service. Habitat for Humanity provides volunteers and raises funds to assist people in improving their housing conditions. The Servant Ministries organization oversees involvement in the Widows’ Watchman Ministry. Students are encouraged to give back to the community surrounding the college campus and to spread the word of God in all aspects of their lives.

Erskine College has many programs available, all of which have a Christian focus. The online courses offer flexibility, allowing adult students who may have work, social and family obligations to achieve their higher education goals. The programs at Erskine College are designed to allow individuals to move into a new career or advance in a current career.

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