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Those with a passion for sports can enroll in the Belhaven University’s sports administration program. Business Reform Magazine called the business school that is part of Belhaven University as one of the top Christian business schools in the nation. Its program in sports administration can prepare students for careers as recreation program managers, marketing professionals, coaches, trainers and arena managers. The campus is home to a branch of Sigma Alpha Omicron, which is an organization that offers networking opportunities and events for sports administration majors. Students can also sign up for internships to gain more sports administration experience and travel abroad. The university also brings in guest speakers and lecturers, too.

Belhaven University is unique because it’s a religious school and requires that students take religious courses like biblical themes. Those courses can help students work more effectively in a sports ministry though. The program includes classes on general business and management like business communications, business ethics, principles of management and strategic management. Students then have the chance to take classes relating to the sports industry, including sport economics, sports and the law, sports administration and sports finance. Sports administration students have the option of doing an observation in the field for credit or doing a full internship. The university recommends that students pick a minor in a related field like finance, sports medicine, psychology or business administration. Belhaven University offers a number of sport electives too, including sport psychology, facility design and management and administration and activities in sport ministry.

About Belhaven University

Founded in 1884 as the Belhaven College for Young Ladies, Belhaven University opened as an institution of higher learning that offered women the same opportunities that men had. The college opened and closed several times over the coming years and operated as an industrial institute for many decades. It is now a religious and private university that emphasizes liberal arts programs and has an affiliation with the Presbyterian Church. Belhaven earned university status after its enrollment grew and it added more graduate programs to its catalog.

Belhaven University now admits both male and female students and offers 27 different major programs for undergrads. Though it has a flagship campus in Jackson, Mississippi, it also operates several satellite campuses in cities like Atlanta and Orlando. Students can also enroll in its campuses in Memphis and Houston. Across all its campuses, the university has a total enrollment of more than 4,000 students. It also has an active online community and an online system that offers students the chance to take classes from home or to complete full degree programs online. Belhaven University has a good reputation as one of the top private higher learning institutions in Mississippi.

Belhaven University Accreditation Details

The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) is an example of the program accreditation that the university has. Some refer to this as specialty accreditation because it applies to just one program or a group of programs available from a specific department. IACBE accreditation applies to its undergrad program in business as well as its MBA program. Belhaven also has accreditation for its programs in dance, music, theater and art programs from the National Association of Schools of Dance, National Association of Schools of Music, National Association of Schools of Theatre and National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Belhaven University also has regional accreditation, which comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Accreditation from a professional accrediting agency like the SACS is important because it’s one of the requirements necessary for getting financial aid. Many colleges will only let students earn and transfer credits between two campuses if both campuses have regional accreditation too.

Belhaven University Application Requirements

Belhaven University made its application process as easy as possible because it wanted students to complete the steps quickly. The process consists of an online application that asks basic questions about the student’s background in high school, including classes taken, overall class ranking, cumulative grade point average and hobbies or interests. Students pay a $25 fee at the time that they submit their applications. Belhaven also requires an SAT or ACT score and an official high school transcript. Though there is no minimum score required on one of these tests, the university will only admit student who earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in high school.

Students also have the option of writing an essay, doing an interview with an admissions counselor and/or supplying the university with a letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation can come from a teacher, guidance counselor, employer or a preacher. Those who attend an interview session will get the chance to talk about their future opportunities and show why they deserve to attend Belhaven. Writing an essay lets them explain any problems they had with their grades and to describe their future goals. Anyone accepted into the university must complete an enrollment form and pay a $100 deposit. Belhaven also asks for medical records to prove that the student received proper immunizations in the past.

Belhaven University Tuition and Financial Aid

Belhaven charges a flat tuition rate of $23,900 a year for full-time students, which includes the cost of all fees and tuition. This allows students to take a minimum of 12 credits each semester. The cost of living on campus can range from around $8,000 a year for a meal plan and a double room to nearly $11,000 a year for a meal plan and a private room. Belhaven charges $425 per credit hour for students taking 11 credits or fewer in a semester. This same rate also applies to students enrolled in a summer program.

Anyone who needs financial aid must file the FAFSA before classes start, and Belhaven recommends that students file this form as soon as possible. The amount a student receives will depend on his or her family’s contribution. Those who need extra help may receive both loans and grants, and some students can also work on campus. Loans are also available for parents, and students can apply for alternative loans too. Belhaven also offers three merit-based scholarships that range in size from $1,000 to $14,000 a year. The university can award or help students find grants to pay for college, including grants from their churches and grants from the university itself.

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