Top 3 Sports Apps for Android

True sports fanatics understand that being a fan is a full time persuasion. Whether checking divisional standings, browsing sports news, or playing fantasy sports, sports fans all over the country have turned to mobile applications to feed their addictions. While there are thousands of sports apps on the market, there are only a few that are truly necessary. The following applications are battle-tested by sports fans everywhere, and best of all… they are free!


By far, the most exciting application available for sports fans is the WatchESPN app by the ESPN family of networks. WatchESPN provides streaming video access to anyone with a supported mobile device (both Android and iOS are currently supported) so viewers can watch any of ESPN’s broadcast networks as well as live non-televised events. On any given day, millions of people tune in to ESPN to view a broad array of international sports, including everything from college basketball to cricket. WatchESPN is available for free to subscribers to virtually any television provider, as well as students and members of the military. The WatchESPN application is extremely easy to use, requiring only a short setup period before you can be watching live sports on your own device. The only caveat to WatchESPN is the amount of data that it requires. ESPN recommends that subscribers utilize wi-fi networks when watching live video to avoid data overages on cellular networks.

theScore Mobile

Sports fans can’t always watch their favorite teams play live, sometimes they have to make due with score updates and score tracking. For fans who cannot access a television or are in an environment where it would be taboo to watch a game, theScore provides immediate access to scores and stats from dozens of different sports. While there are definitely websites that also allow viewers to follow games live, theScore is the most user friendly application for mobile devices, and it provides social media integration that the other websites lack. Additionally, theScore can send push alerts to mobile devices whenever games get close, allowing users to excuse themselves from their business meetings to catch the last seconds of a game on TV.

Team Stream by Bleacher Report

Long a favorite of sports junkies, Bleacher Report has finally released a mobile app with the same in-depth research features as its website has become famous for. Team Stream goes into far more detail than other sports apps, examining each individual player and their capabilities in a level of depth that makes it the favorite of even sports commentators. Starting in 2013, Bleacher Report has even begun featuring scouting news and draft picks, curating the statistics of high school and division II and III teams so sports fans can see the future players in their franchises.

The Choice Is Yours

Sports fans have more choice than ever before when it comes to getting their fix. Between ESPN, CBS, Fox, Bleacher Report, and hundreds of independent developers, the app marketplace is crowded with quality sports apps. With data becoming cheaper and smartphones becoming better, there is no excuse to miss your favorite team no matter where you may be.