Top Five Podcasts About the NFL

The top five podcasts about the NFL encompass a variety of viewpoints and styles. They all display a rich love of the game and its history, but they all attack the topic from different points of view. If you’re looking to pursue any kind of career that involves the sport, these podcasts are definitely must-listens. Whether they come from the points of view of players, coaches, or just fans of the game, these podcast will teach you more about football and its surrounding culture than almost any other form of media.

The Rich Eisen Podcast

You’re not going to find a better produced podcast on the NFL out there than this one. The host GameDay Morning brings his trademark wit and skills to the podcast arena in this weekly show. The best part of the show by far is the interview – few others get the level of player and coach access that Eisen can score. If you’re a fan of the players or just want an insight from someone who is intimately connected with the league, this is a must-listen.

Pardon My Take

Not every podcast has to be serious to be insightful. Voted as no less than Sports Illustrated’s best sports podcast of 2016, this podcast combines sly satire and humor with some astonishing content. Come for the humor, but stay for interviews with players that are outside of the norm. This is absolutely a must-listen for anyone who loves the NFL or who is interested in getting a better insight into the minds of those who love the game. While there are certainly more serious podcasts out there, it’s hard to say that there any of them are actually better.

The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Are you a fan of the Steelers? If not, this podcast might grate from time to time. If you skip it, though, you’ll be missing out on one of the better perspectives available today. While Dameshek is hilarious and charismatic, his best quality is his age. A 40-something fan, he brings a very different perspective to the game than most of the people on this list. If you’re interested in hearing the opinions of a life-long football fan, this is definitely a podcast for you. Just remember to leave your Steelers hate at the door.

The Stinkin’ Truth

To be honest, most player-run podcasts are pretty hit or miss. That’s why it’s so special that this podcast, hosted by three-time Superbowl winner Mark Schlereth, is actually quite a listen. Schlereth brings the perspective of a guy who actually spent years in the trenches, so his analysis probably carries more weight than almost any other commentator out there. He’s also well-spoken and funny, even if he’s a bit fiery from time to time. Still, this is a good podcast for anyone who wants to get a player’s perspective on the game while being entertained.

The Coaches Podcast

To round out your NFL education, you definitely need to hear from the coaches. In this case, the hosts are former coaches Brian Billick and Dennis Green. Like Schlereth’s podcast, they bring a very real perspective to the commentary they provide. While this podcast is really only active during the football season, it’s full of news and analysis that you really can’t get anywhere else. If you’re a fan of the strategy of the game or you just want to hear more about how coaches think, this is a great podcast. Just don’t expect quite as much personality as you’d get from the other podcasts that round out the top five podcasts about the NFL.


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