The 5 Most-Talked-About Super Bowl Commercials

5 Super Bowl Commercials People Could Not Stop Talking About

  • Hey Kid, Catch by Coca-Cola (1979)
  • 1984 by Apple (1984)
  • Wassup by Budweiser (1999)
  • Puppy Love by Budweiser (2014)
  • Secret Society by Avocados of Mexico (2017)

Those pursuing a Sports Management degree may be interested in knowing what were the most talked about Super Bowl commercials. These commercials connected with the American people in ways other did not, and they have remained in the public consciousness years after they were broadcast. Here are 5 Super Bowl commercials people could not stop talking about.

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1. Hey Kid, Catch by Coca-Cola (1979)

This was one of the first viral Super Bowl commercials, which was broadcast well before most people had access to the Internet or even had video recorders. It spread purely through word of mouth, and it spread through the great emotion the commercial evoked. In it, a young boy shares a warm special moment with “Mean” Joe Greene, who was one of the most feared and ferocious football players of his time.

2. 1984 by Apple (1984)

The Chicago Tribune has called this commercial not only “the best Super Bowl ad of them all,” but also “the best TV ad ever.” Airing only once, the commercial uses George Orwell’s novel 1984 as the theme for introducing what would become one of the most successful and influential computers of all time: the Apple Macintosh. The spot was even directed by legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott.

3. Wassup by Budweiser (1999)

With this commercial, Budweiser was able to introduce a catchphrase that swept across America, and it got everyone talking about their products. While perhaps not as highbrow as 1984, the commercial was such a success that it led to a whole series of similar ads that would air in the coming years. The original spot, which was based on a short film, would even get parodied in Scary Movie and on The Simpsons.

4. Puppy Love by Budweiser (2014)

For many decades, Budweiser had been using both Clydesdale horses and puppies in their television commercials. In this famous ad, they decided to mix the two, by showing how a puppy and one particular Clydesdale had literally become inseparable. The ad was such a success that it has become the most shared Super Bowl commercial on social media. It is also one of the most beloved.

5. Secret Society by Avocados of Mexico (2017)

Most successful Super Bowl commercials come from big brands that were already ingrained in the subconsciousness of the American public. This commercial, though, was not even for a brand, but for a fruit that was not exactly on the tip of every American’s tongue. The ad, which playfully makes fun of conspiracy theories and theorists, helped get Americans thinking about avocados. It did so by being hilarious, provocative and a lot of fun.

In conclusion, not every Super Bowl commercial is alike. Most were quickly forgotten while others were so special that they grabbed the public and continue to do so. How these commercials were able to accomplish this is something students attaining a Sports Management degree should understand in preparation for their careers.