Five Most Unsung Players in the NFL Right Now

The NFL’s Most Unsung Players You Need to Know About

  • J.D. McKissic
  • Markus Golden
  • Justin Coleman
  • Danielle Hunter
  • Marcus Smith

The NFL has always been known as a forum for athletic talent, but there are some unsung players in the league right now that deserve some attention. From the Seattle Seahawks boasting three players that may see them through to the Superbowl to others who are still at the start of their careers, these players have made wins possible for their teams, according to USA Today. Here are the five most unsung NFL players every fan should know.

1. J.D. McKissic

J.D. McKissic is a five-foot-eleven, 194-pound running back that has become somewhat of a savior for the Seattle Seahawks. After his career with Atlanta ended, he came on board for the Seahawks and has been a strong force on the field since then. In fact, he has been such a skillful player that it’s reported that his fellow teammates pushed coach Pete Carroll to put him on the field more. And, although McKissic isn’t the biggest guy on the field, he has definitely made an impact for the Seahawks in 2017 and even clinched the victory against the Indianapolis Colts.

2. Markus Golden

Markus Golden is the Arizona Cardinals’ underrated offensive linebacker, a player that has 16.5 sacks to his record for just two seasons. The 2017 season will be his third season, and already he’s making his presence on the field known. Since the beginning of his career in 2015, he has been seen as an incredible force for the Cardinals, tying third with Danielle Hunter of the Minnesota Vikings for most sacks in a single season. While not the most athletic player on the Cardinals team, he is still quite effective in his edge defense. This season may be the one to turn Golden from a little-known player to an outright star; only time will tell.

3. Justin Coleman

Justin Coleman has an incredible record in the NFL, despite having only three seasons under his belt. After playing football for the University of Tennessee, the cornerback has played for the Minnesota Vikings and was a player for the New England Patriots when they won Superbowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons although he was inactive. Now he’s a member of the Seattle Seahawks, where his trade was made less than nine days before the season began. He is currently on the field while Jeremy Lane recuperates from his injuries and his work is propelling the Seahawks forward as the season progresses.

4. Danielle Hunter

Danielle Hunter is definitely an unsung player in the NFL, but that might be changing. The Minnesota Vikings defensive end is just 22 years old and is already racking up an admirable record of 18.5 sacks in just two seasons. Hunter, who is six-foot-five and weighs around 252 pounds, is an LSU graduate who is known for his incredible speed and power moves; this has earned him a starting position at the left end. Hunter has been a part-time player for the majority of his short career, but that may be changing as more and more sports analysts are considering him as the second-best Vikings end. With time, Hunter stands the chance of becoming the best in his class, not just as a player for the Vikings, but in the NFL overall.

5. Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith is perhaps the most veteran of the unsung players on this list, but by no means should anyone count him out. This six-foot-three, 251-pound defensive end started his career in 2014 with the Philadelphia Eagles but now plays for the Seattle Seahawks. Although his career with the Eagles ended this past July with Smith only playing eight of the teams 16 games last season, he was welcomed by the Seahawks two days later and now plays in the starting defensive line rotation from his first game with the team which earned him 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble.

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The NFL is a league with an incredible amount of talent, but sometimes that talent can be overshadowed by formidable veteran players. However, these five most unsung NFL players have the skill and passion to overcome their relative obscurity by most NFL fans to become powerful players. Now that we’ve covered the five most unsung players in the NFL right now, it’s time to sit down to watch them in action during NFL games.