Five Tips for Creating Instagram Stories that People Will Want to See

Five Effective Strategies for Creating Instagram Stories

  • Strong First Impression
  • Consistent and Consecutive
  • Variation Matters
  • Length Matters
  • Minimize Links

Creating Instagram Stories provides an effective way to engage an audience on this popular social media platform. Stories is being used with increasing regularity by businesses of different types. For example, Instagram Stories provide a meaningful mechanism for brand development. There exist some key strategies that enhance the prospect of Instagram users viewing content presented via the Stories tool.

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1. Strong First Impression

The initial post used in creating an Instagram Story needs to be particularly compelling. Think about curb appeal of a residence on the market for sale when considering the initial image in a Story. The first post leading off a Story must be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. The image must be of a nature to draw a viewer to peruse the Story further. In considering the most effective Instagram Stories on the platform to date, those that begin with a video prove to be the most effective. Videos interspersed throughout a Story do seem to assist in maintaining a viewer’s interest from start to finish.

2. Consistent and Consecutive

The product of this particular Instagram tool is known as a story for a reason. The ultimate objective of an Instagram Story is to create a seamless montage that carries a meaningful plot and theme from start to finish. The need for consistency, consecutiveness, and continuity is crucial. Posting a set of random and unassociated images does not create a story, no matter how attractive selections. In plotting an Instagram Story, close attention must be paid to ensuring that solid interconnections exist between each posting. Consistency, consecutiveness, and continuity results in the most effective Instagram Story possible.

3. Variation Matters

Variation is a must to craft a truly effective Instagram Story, according to Forbes magazine. By way of example, a Story can begin with a well-produced video and then move to a series of still images. Perhaps another video can be interspersed elsewhere in the Story. Variations can be made between the types of still images utilized. For example, vibrant and bright color images can be utilized together with starker black and white ones. In providing variation, a Story must remain focused on a particular theme and plotline at all stages of the presentation.

4. Length Matters

Attention must be paid to ensuring that an Instagram Story is crafted to a proper length. The fundamental key to holding the interest of a viewer is making certain that the content of a Story is compelling. An associated issue is making certain that the overall presentation is of a length that keeps a viewer’s interest and attention. A Story that is too short will limit the development of a viewer’s interest in a message. One that is too long will cause a viewer to fade away. A Story that contains between eight to 12 images seems to be the ideal length in most instances.

5. Minimize Links

An Instagram verified user is able to embed links within an Instagram Story. This is a resource that is wise to access. However, taking advantage of linking must be done in a conservative manner in order to be most effective. One link in a Story is advisable. Two links is acceptable, depending on the number of images included overall in the presentation. Linking in a Story is a wise course to take to drive a viewer to obtain additional information. Overdoing the process can be redundant and useless at best and distracting in the worst case.

Instagram Stories are being utilized with ever-increasing frequency. Using these techniques in creating Instagram Stories will prove to be a truly effective strategy for consistently connecting with an audience.