Five Tips for Being Accepted Into a Highly Selective University

Being accepted into a highly selective university can help you get the credentials and professional contacts needed to successfully join the sports management field. The following five tips will help you get admitted to such a top-notch school.

Make The Grade

Grades are still the number one factor in gaining admission to a highly selective university. Recent research reveals that grades in college prep courses were of “considerable importance” for 84.3 percent of college admissions officers. Whether you’re still in high school or haven’t been in school for decades, good grades demonstrate academic achievement and show that you are a disciplined student able to handle challenging academic work. Sign up for some community college classes if you’ve been out of school for more than a few years or if your high school record represents less than your best work.

Get To Work

Speaking of work, a job in sports management or a related field is a great way to demonstrate your commitment and aptitude for managing a team or other franchise. Perhaps you or your children were in a Little League team, you’re a member of the YWCA or your neighbors’ children rave to you about how much they love their Boys and Girls Club afterschool program. Your town’s Little League team, YWCA and Boys and Girls Club afterschool programs are all excellent sources of sports management opportunities such as coaching, teaching classes or running intramural sports. Whether you are a volunteer or are lucky enough to land a paid position, a related position will greatly strengthen your application.

Or Keep The Job You Have

Even if you don’t have a job in a related field, you can use your work experience to make a favorable impression on the admissions staff. When you can’t switch jobs, landing a spot at a top university will hinge on showing the experience you do have is relevant. Public speaking, writing and management skills are certainly a boon to an aspiring sports manager, as are perseverance, a good work ethic and professionalism.

What’s In It For Them

No matter what work situation, volunteer experience or grades you have, most schools want to know how you will contribute to their school and your future academic department. Speaking multiple languages, knowledge of finance and facility with the latest technology can all enrich your classmates’ academic experience, as well as your own. It can also help the university expand their offerings and programs. Perhaps you will be able to run a workshop on understanding a corporate budget or how to help maximize your team’s online presence.

Get Connected

If you’ve been considering sports management schools for some time, you have probably received an invitation to a recruiting event or two. Such events are much more than information sessions; they are opportunities to present those intangible qualities that don’t quite make it to paper. People-oriented fields, including sports management, rely quite a bit on charisma. Since this is not something that can easily be taught, and you must get your staff and team to work with you to be successful, it is a quality that can help you get accepted to a highly competitive sports management program.

Attending a top-notch sports management program can help you gain the competitive advantage in training and eventual career opportunities. Following the five tips outlined in this article will give the admissions officers the material needed for you to gain admission to a highly selective sports management university department.

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