Five Reasons to Start Your Sports Management Career in the South

A career in sports management is perfect for sports fans or anyone who wants to be part of an entertainment industry. You will be able to represent, meet and interact with a wide variety of people and make good money at the same time. If you are going into the sports management field, why would you want to start in the south?

Many Athletes Develop in the South

Many star athletes and others who go on to play professionally get their start in the south. Whether they attend high school there or go to an SEC school, this is a fertile ground to meet people today who can help your team win games or who you can represent when they turn professional. This is true whether you coach or represent players in a major or minor league.

Good Weather Means Leagues Operate Year Round

Since leagues operate throughout the year, there are more opportunities to meet people and more opportunities to find work as a coach, scout or public relations professional. Furthermore, the good weather in the southern states means that teams and those who represent those teams in the northern states spend time there in the winter. This allows you to network without having to travel too far.

Lower Tax Rates Mean You Keep More of Your Money

In both Florida and Texas, you will pay no state income tax. Other states such as Tennessee have low state taxes that allow you to keep more of your paycheck, which is critical when you are first starting out. You can also take advantage of lower costs of living that allow you to pay less for housing and transportation. While prices may be higher in the bigger cities, they may still be less expensive compared to larger cities in the north and west.

Many Southern Franchises Are Relatively Young

It has only been in the past 10 or 20 years that many major sports have granted franchises to southern cities. This means that you have a chance to break in and establish yourself with an organization that may still be finding and developing its reputation within the community. If you are the first to lure a major free agent or the first to win a championship while overseeing a team, your reputation may skyrocket in the industry.

Enjoy the Culture

As a young professional, you may be more inclined to travel and soak in as much culture as you can. Cities like Savannah and Nashville are bastions of American history that you have to see to truly appreciate. By living and working in or around those cities, you can enrich your career and your outside life at the same time.

A sports management career can be fulfilling and exciting no matter where you work. However, if you want the opportunity to meet great people, help new teams establish themselves and enjoy some history, the south is the place to start your career.

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