Five Reasons to Attend College in a City


Education is the key to success. We all recognize this fact, and this is the reason why all young people would want to go to college. However, not everybody is given a chance to succeed because of competition.

Many HR conferences suggest that most employers hire people according to their standard. When you look at the profiles of the people they hire, most of them attended college in a city. Why is it so? It means that a simple college degree is not enough to ensure future success.

In a study made by Pew Research Center, they concluded that their “findings do not show that the college education in and of itself caused the gains.” In most human resources conferences, the emphasis upon a college degree from certain colleges and universities is significantly apparent. This means that such HR professional conferences are more or less in favor of colleges in cities than elsewhere. What are their reasons?

Reasons to Attend College in a City

1. Name of the Colleges or Universities

Although it is debatable whether quality education can be found only in cities, we can’t deny the fact that most employers prefer several names of school institutions most of which are found within a city. If you try to attend a conference for HR professionals, you will discover how colleges in a city are greatly favored.

If you were an employer, you would realize that your company culture is shaped by the city your office is located in. On top of that, you would want to follow the way other companies hire people.

2. Accessibility

If you attend a college in a city, you have the initial feel of how it is to work in the same place. Whether you have a plan to work in a particular city or not, you will most probably look for a job soon also in a city. In other words, attending a college in a city will give you a realistic introduction to your future job.

Aside from getting oriented with your real life expectation, you can also start profiling which companies you could probably work for right after you finish college.

3. Socialization

Education is not only limited in the four corners of a classroom and not only written in the book. Education is live and can be transferred from one person to another. It is your experience with people that gives you so much learning.

Attending college in a city will give you opportunities to get along with many different types of people. You can meet a lot of bright and talented people who can influence you for the better. Furthermore, you can start building networks that may help you soon in your future career.

4. Educational Resources

Students who study in a city are pampered with countless educational resources. There is an abundance of materials from some of the largest libraries and always having a internet connection that is top-notch. You also have first-hand access to professionals in those businesses as you are in the heart of it all in the city as this might come in handy for interviews and insight into your field of study, which leads us to the next category.

5. Internships

City universities have a diverse location in that when it’s time for you to get an internship for your degree you have all the choice employers within a reachable distance. You should have quite a selection available as the heart of a city offers what rural colleges don’t, infinite options!


You don’t need to attend a conference for HR only to find out that you will have to attend college in a city. The above reasons can give significant evidence why it’s important to spend your university years in the city. Which city’s universities are looking to go to what would you add to the list you’ve seen today?


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