Five Jobs in Minor League Sports

Minor League Sports Jobs

  • Player
  • Manager
  • Field Maintenance
  • Food Service
  • Mascots

Jobs in minor league sports are an excellent place to start for anyone who wants a career in sports. It’s unusual for someone to get a job in the major leagues without having experience in the minor leagues first. Minor league sports also have their own charm and intimacy that can be lacking from the major leagues. If you are interested in pursuing a career in sports, here are five jobs you should consider.


Minor league sports wouldn’t last very long without players. You do not need a formal education to play in the minor leagues, although being scouted from school teams is one of the best ways for aspiring players to go pro. There are a number of ways to get noticed, according to the Minor League Baseball organization itself, such as being drafted from school teams or signed as free agents. There are also independent leagues where players can get noticed. Playing in the minor leagues can be a tough life, but many people are willing to do it for a chance to play the sport they love.


If playing the sport isn’t something you want to do, working on the management side for a minor league sports job might be a great option. Minor sports teams need managers just as major league sports do. General managers have responsibilities such as hiring and firing coaches, managing the team’s finances and ensuring facilities remain in good shape. They are focused on the business side of the team and perform whatever tasks are needed, which can include flipping burgers and taking tickets. Being so hands-on to support the team’s franchise provides a certain amount of satisfaction.

Field Maintenance

Maintaining sports fields is a specialized job that requires people who know what they are doing to do it. Lines have to be drawn correctly, ice needs to be cared for properly, the field has to be safe for players and more. This is one of the very rewarding minor league sports jobs for people who like to be outside and want to help their team have the best possible chance of winning the game. Everything from the soil fertility to the general climate have a very important impact on how a field is maintained.

Food Service

Concessions have always been and will continue to be a major part of sports. Minor league teams need staff to cook and serve food, as well as manage the food services at their stadiums. These jobs are similar to food service roles elsewhere. Staff must ensure that kitchens meet or exceed health codes and have up-to-date licenses to serve food. If you are passionate about both sports and food, this might be a very good occupation for you.


Being a team mascot can be a very fun and rewarding minor league sports job. Mascots get to interact with fans, entertain crowds and make promotional appearances for the team. This makes it an excellent job for anyone who is interested in marketing, loves interacting with people, likes to dress up in fun costumes and is truly a kid at heart. In this occupation you are the face of the team, which can be an exhilarating and humbling experience. You must be physically fit and able to spend long periods of time in a hot and heavy costume to perform this role.

If you are interested in working in the sports industry, don’t forget the minor leagues. There are plenty of jobs in minor league sports to consider.

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