Five Inspiring Books for Sports Managers

If a career in the sports industry appeals to you, then consider earning your sports management degree. With the degree, various careers will be within your reach, but one of the most rewarding jobs is to become a sports manager. A few books will inspire you to embrace the career path. The top five include:

• “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game”
• “Imperfect: An Improbable Life”
• “When Pride Still Mattered: The Life of Vince Lombardi”
• “The Game”
• “Wooden: A Coach’s Life”

“Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game”

Michael Lewis penned the bestselling biography based on the 2002 and 2003 Oakland Athletics and its staff. During these years, manager Billy Beane had a much smaller budget for his team than many of the other pro organizations. To create a team that could win, Billy used a series of numbers and statistics. He embraced players that other teams thought were past their prime or not good enough. Beane’s recruits included an overweight college athlete, a worn out catcher who became a first baseman and several seasoned athletes who were discarded by teams with bigger budgets. In many circles, Lewis’s narrative is considered one of the greatest books ever written about baseball.

“Imperfect: An Improbable Life”

Ace pitcher Jim Abbott became a top player at the University of Michigan. He brought home a gold medal from the 1988 Olympics, and the Major League welcomed him as a starter without requiring him to spend even one day in the minors. Abbott did all of this without his right hand. In the book, the ace pitcher shares honest insights regarding the many challenges that he encountered on his way to the Major Leagues. Abbott outlines the insecurities he faced as well as the many inspiring meetings he had with disabled children. You’ll also have the chance to read a detailed account of the great pitcher’s celebrated no-hitter.

“When Pride Still Mattered: The Life of Vince Lombardi”

Vince Lombardi is one of football’s most respected legends. At just 46 years old, he received the opportunity to coach a professional football team. He was the coach for the Green Bay Packers when the team won five world championships. Green Bay took home the five trophies in nine seasons. While reading the book, you’ll discover Lombardi’s famous leadership principles. Use them to guide you toward your own career successes. These principles include teamwork and discipline. The bestselling biography also provides insight about the famous coach’s early life including details about his childhood and the years he spent coaching high school football.

“The Game”

When you read “The Game,” you’ll gain a unique perspective into the world of sports. The book received high praise from Sports Illustrated. In fact, the magazine included the book on its list of Top 10 Best Sports Books of All Time. “The Game” follows hockey goalie Ken Dryden. He was a Montreal Canadien during the 1970s, and in the book, he describes his early life and experiences before becoming a member of one of hockey’s legendary teams. Dryden’s many stories feature other famous hockey players like Larry Robinson, Guy Lafleur and Serge Savard.

“Wooden: A Coach’s Life”

As one of college’s most famous basketball coaches, Jim Wooden radiates inspiration. He was the coach for UCLA, and during his reign, he guided the team through an 88 game winning streak. During the streak, the team took home 10 NCAA championships in just 12 seasons. Wooden’s amazing accomplishments caught the attention of Seth Davis who is a journalist for CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated. To write the book about the storied coach’s lengthy and successful career, Davis conducted more than 200 interviews with the team’s players, coaches in the league and Wooden.

A Diverse Degree

A sports management degree will give you the opportunity to work in an exciting career. A degree in the field also offers employment diversity. With these five inspiring sports books in your library, you’ll be ready to tackle the future with tenacity.