Five Innovative Green Technologies in Sports

If you’re a lover of sports, or of green innovations, or both, you may wonder about the implementation of green technologies in sports. If so, you’re in luck. We’ve done some research and found 5 of the best and most innovative green technologies in sports today. From solar panels to composting, the sports world is becoming a leader in environmental friendliness.

1. Solar Paneling

Sports teams have been jumping on the solar panel bandwagon for years. The Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium is powered by 11,000 solar panels and 14 wind turbines. The San Francisco 49ers built a new stadium equipped with a solar paneled terrace that spans almost 10,000 feet. Stadiums all over the country are taking advantage of solar paneling, not just for its more environmentally friendly status but also for its cost-effectiveness. MetLife Stadium even uses its solar panels to generate enough power for their LED light display that flashes across the top of the stadium.

2. Recycling Food Waste

There are many stadiums that apply techniques like recycling cardboard and plastic, composting kitchen scraps, and donating leftover food. The U.S. Open even composts their waste; but the Cleveland Browns took that all a step further. They’ve partnered with a garbage disposal company that takes the stadium’s food scraps and transports them to a local college. Then the material is used as feedstock, resulting in serious fuel, nutrients, and fertilizer. Not only does the stadium’s food waste get recycled, but it gets recycled two-fold. The waste can create enough electricity to power a home for over 1 year.

3. Using Cleaner Fuel

Nascar jumped on the green wagon, and appointed Michael Lynch as head of green innovation. According to the NY Times, the whole organization began introducing green technologies like “using hybrid vehicles as pace cars and the planting of 10 mature trees after every race.” Nascar also switched to using a 15 percent ethanol blend fuel, to help make their cars more environmentally friendly. Using a cleaner fuel lessens the organization’s carbon footprint. In addition to using cleaner fuel, they also introduced programs to recycle used tires and oily rags.

4. Finding Alternative Cooling Methods

The New Jersey devils really took the cake on installing something that may not seem as big as some of the others on the list. They spent more than $1 million putting in a state-of-the-art dehumidifying system that helps keep the arena dry and cool enough for maintaining the ice. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a more accurate solution than blasting cool air all day to keep the ice cool enough like your basic air conditioning systems do. It keeps the arena at a perfect 30 percent humidity, while minimizing their electricity needs; reducing their energy use by 22 percent.

5. Creating Digital Playbooks

Many teams in many different sports are beginning to throw out the old paper playbooks and have begun using digital ones. Players and coaches can send and look at plays and other information, on their own devices. Many teams outfit each player and member of the team with their own device, which links the team together. Not only does minimizing paper use lessen their carbon footprint, but it also proves as an amazing link between team members. It’s an easier and faster way of sharing data, plays, information, schedules, etc. with each other through the digital world.

These sports teams and stadiums are paving the way for businesses and organizations all over the world to take their lead in going green. These five innovative green technologies in sports are some of the best examples of the way the world is heading; doing more to protect the environment.

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