Five Great Sports-related Non-Profits to Support

Many people enjoy playing sports. There are some great organizations that involve these types of activities and give back to the community at the same time. Here are five great sports-related non-profits that need the public’s support.

1. Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc.

Beyond Sports Network Foundation has a mission to provide young high school athletes with the chance to be discovered by college coaches. This organization coordinates free events that teach these teens how to improve so that they can maximize their public exposure. The ultimate goal is to rally community support by aiding local athletes on their course to success both on the field and in the classroom. Thanks to financial backing, the BSN Foundation has created a new standard in athletic testing events and provides valuable information throughout the recruiting process.

2. SKIDuck

Skiing and snowboarding are exciting winter sports. Due to physical disabilities, certain individuals cannot enjoy these type of activities. However, SKIDuck is a non-profit that is dedicated to lifting the spirits of disabled and underprivileged children. This group shares the joys of skiing and snowboarding with kids who never imagined it would be possible to shred the snow. SKIDuck began in Tahoe but has spread to other major resorts around the country. Since 100 percent of donations go to the ski program, it is a worthwhile cause to support.

3. Play It Forward

Formed in 2012, Play It Forward is a student-led group that provides less fortunate children with essential sporting equipment. Emily Eisner, a 12-year old girl put her passion for sports and yearning to help others to good use by beginning this non-profit. She has encouraged children her own age to get active and empower fellow youths in her community. The basis for this charity has two important parts. She organized a school relay, which emphasized the importance of remaining active. She also began a drive to collect new or gently-used sporting equipment for elementary school students in need. With each passing year, the organization grows and helps more and more children.

4. CARE: Empowering Girls Through Sports

CARE uses sporting activities to give impoverished youths empowering lifts. Studies show early adolescence is the ideal time to encourage leadership in girls. This organization helps young girls develop their leadership potential through sports and school. Boys are not alienated from this non-profit, but a majority of the focus is on girls who are left behind when it comes to gender equality. CARE offers an environment where girls can observe peers within leadership roles. Organizers believes education will help girls protect themselves and shape their futures. Using extracurricular sports is a practical and inexpensive way to develop social and leadership qualities. While in a structured setting, young people can learn how to be resilient and assertive and how to make good decisions.

5. Karsyn’s Krusaders

The mission of Karsyn’s Krusaders is to join forces with the racing world to create awareness for childhood cancer. It allows everyday individuals to perform simple activities that make a difference to terminally ill children. For example, Karsyn’s Krusaders encourage monetary donations that are used for advanced research. Besides collecting cash, this non-profit encourages small deeds that put smiles on sick children’s faces. A person can send a simple card or support an effort to fulfill a dream of a sick youth.

There are a number of sports-related non-profits that do good work. The above examples are just a few that put the needs of local communities first. If a person donates a small amount of time or money to any of these organizations, it would make a big difference to many groups of children.

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