Five Great Sports Management Internships

Those who enter the field of sports management will be qualified for careers that combine athletics with business. To earn a degree in sports management, you’ll need to register for marketing, health and legal courses as well as for classes that teach you about finance and human resources. After earning your degree, you will likely need to work as an intern to break into your preferred career. The five best sports management internships include:

• Organizational
• Sports clubs
• Clinical
• Local schools
• Corporate


Depending on your preferred area of sports management, you can earn from $40,000 to more than $200,000 a year in the field. An organizational internship can help you get started. If you’re interested in working for a particular organization permanently, then be sure to apply for their internships. For instance, Special Olympics has internships available for those who are studying sports management. If you land an internship with Special Olympics, you’ll learn how the group obtains sponsors, arranges events and selects athletes. Other nonprofit companies that offer internships include Wheeling Forward and Disabled Sports USA Far West.

Sports Clubs

A number of sports clubs offer internships. If you become a sports club intern, you’ll gain access to an insider’s view of how country clubs operate. Sports clubs may also include organizations that introduce people to different types of sports. As an intern, you’ll learn how clubs receive funding to operate and advertise. You’ll also see the types of jobs that the field has available. Once you begin working with a local or national organization, you’ll have the chance to make contacts. This can help you gain future employment in your preferred field.


If you’re entering the sports management industry to provide healthcare services, be sure to apply for clinical internships. In this field, you can focus on techniques or equipment that will keep players safe. You can also work with them directly. Some clinical internships for sports management are available in medical facilities, but most of them take place at athletic clinics and camps. If you opt for an internship at an athletic clinic or a camp, then plan to work at it during the summer months because you’ll probably be a counselor. These summer camps specialize in sports training, so those who attend a sports camp will learn how to improve their game.

Local Schools

If you need to stay close to home, consider applying for an internship at one of your area’s local colleges or even a high school. Most educational facilities offer sports programs for their students, so they may need help planning schedules, managing donor money and tracking team statistics. Additional responsibilities often include working with a team’s video production department as well as live broadcasts. You may also wind up creating promotional videos or assisting with the team’s equipment.


In a few cities around the country, corporations like ESPN offer internships to students. These are highly desired since the organizations often pay for housing while you learn how the company develops its television stations, website and competition division. As a student, you may receive the opportunity to choose your area of interest within the company. For instance, some interns work solely on the corporation’s website while others assist in the research or editing departments. If you want a corporate internship, apply for it early and gather plenty of solid references.

Preparing for the Rest of Your Life

By snagging an internship in sports management, you’ll have a way to prepare yourself for the challenges that a career in the employment area requires. When your internship is in your preferred field, you’ll have the chance to make contacts and develop the kind of long-term relationships that will get you hired.

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