Five Great Resources for Team Fundraising

Team Fundraising Resources

  • USA Rugby
  • Crowd Sourcing Platforms
  • National Council of Non-Profits
  • Fundraising Software
  • Product Sales

Raising money for your charity may be easy if you don’t need to raise much, but these team fundraising resources might come in handy if your event is on a larger scale. Because so many organizations engage in fundraising, especially at the holidays, your project needs to stand out. People have only so much money they can, or will, spend on charitable giving, and so you are in competition with other worthy groups. Where can you find ideas and information about team fundraising?

1. USA Rugby

While you are probably not involved in rugby, this website has a great list of resources for team fundraising. Most of them are links to other sites, but that is a timesaver for you. Some of the events noted in this site are silent auctions, benefit dinners, restaurant nights and more. The links cover setting up the project, managing volunteers, managing funds and other things that you need to know beyond getting your team to show up.

2. Crowd Sourcing Platforms

Although there are several of these, the best-known may be Facebook’s Go Fund Me and “You Caring.” These platforms allow people to raise money for personal things like medical bills and for larger causes. In fact, the amount of money raised through the Facebook platform is in the billions of dollars. The concept is simple. You create a social media page, describe the need, add photos and set your goals. Then the crowdsourcing program keeps track of the donations, including accepting credit cards, sends the person in charge of the page emails when donations are made and allows the recipient to withdraw the funds at the end of the program.

3. National Council of Non-Profits

This website not only has ideas for team fundraisers, but provides necessary team fundraising resources like how to have your charity registered, how to handle IRS issues, ethical fundraising and other important facts. If your charity is on a large scale, the information on this website is vital, but it will help smaller charities work out issues as well.

4. Fundraising Software

Companies such as sell fundraising software that assists fundraisers with everything from setting up a project to monitoring volunteer participation. While the focus is on actual teams such as sports teams, cheerleading squads, schools and other organizations, the software can help organize any fundraising attempt. The software helps with team fundraising ideas from car washes, walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons and other such events to soliciting sponsorships and partnerships. You can find the software companies through an Internet search.

5. Product Sales

This fundraising resource listing is generic, because there are so many different types of fundraising products available. The idea with these fundraisers is that your team members accept responsibility for selling the items and your charity keeps a portion of the proceeds. The product websites will help you set up your project, including setting goals. Your team might sell popcorn, lightbulbs, candy, fruit or many other things. Two of the most visible programs are Sees Candy and Doublegood Popcorn. A caution here is to make certain you understand any requirements like a minimum purchase, upfront money outlay, product return policies and other things that could ruin your effort.

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Fundraising for your charity can be a good team building project and even corporations can get involved. Because you are soliciting funds, though, you may be subject to some governmental restrictions. Be certain to check out the team fundraising resources listed here for a great start to your project, and good luck.