Five Great Apps for Sports Management Students

A sports management degree qualifies you to work as a college athletic administrator, trainer or a director of communications. In the field, classes are diverse and range from accounting to science and communications. Apps can help you earn your diploma. Five great apps for sports management students include:

• Evernote
• Fear of Public Speaking or Rhema
• Scribd
• My Accounting Teacher
• Google Drive


A sports management degree will require you to take classes like economics, statistics and an introduction to sports management. To cope with these complex courses, consider downloading the Evernote app. The program’s record audio feature will increase your ability to take thorough notes during class. It will also let you take snapshots, organize Internet articles and create reminders. You can even transfer data from the program to your laptop or iPad. With the app, you and your study partners can share notes or recorded lectures. Since the program has a chat feature, you’ll have an easy way to communicate with other classmates.

Public Speaking

In many sports management professions, the ability to communicate publicly is vital. To earn your degree, you’ll need to complete a public speaking course. However, for most people, this skill does not come naturally. The Fear of Public Speaking app is designed to build your confidence. A 10-page PDF report within the app provides helpful communication tips and ways to overcome the fear of speaking in front of people. If you have access to Google Glass, then consider downloading the Rhema app. This helpful tool will give you real-time suggestions to improve your delivery.


To earn a sports management degree, you’ll need to complete plenty of research. The Scribd app will make this process quick and easy since it is the world’s largest online library. You can use the app to locate millions of different books and documents to expand your knowledge and process research. The app’s data comes from people around the world, and the program lets you gather and sort the data you need by subject. As a sports management major, you’ll need to take physical and biological science courses. With the Scribd app, you can form a personal library that includes different science notes, books and online articles.

My Accounting Teacher

Accounting skills are essential for those who work in the sports management field. The My Accounting Teacher app will aid your proficiency in the course. Use the program to prep for a quiz or when you need additional help understanding an assignment. The program provides practice problems as well as different learning methods, so you can choose to learn by reading, listening, watching or doing. With the app, you’ll have access to background material for studying, explanations and the accounting equation along with debit and credit information. Once you download the program, keep an eye out for updates.

Google Drive

Google Drive will make your college years less stressful. The program provides online storage to keep research articles, papers and recordings in one place. With your files stored on Google Drive, you can access them from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The app is especially helpful when you’re working on a group project because each person in the group can make changes to a stored presentation from his or her location. If you’re away from your laptop and have an idea for a project or a paper, you can note it in the program from your smartphone to expand on it later.

Use Technology to Achieve your Educational Goals

Those who select sports management as their study field generally graduate with a bachelor’s degree in sports management, a master’s degree in sports management or a PhD in athletic administration. The field’s classes are designed to ready you for operating and managing most areas of a sports organization. To maintain the subject’s course load, consider downloading apps that will help you make your way through school with a little less stress and a lot more organization.

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