Five Fitness Apps We Can’t Live Without

Fitness Apps That Add Value to All Types of Workouts

  • Fitnet
  • Stronglifts 5×5
  • Strava
  • Freeletics
  • Daily Yoga

Fitness is undeniably great for everyone, but just about everyone has their own goals, levels and approaches, which makes these five fitness apps we can’t live without so essential. When it comes to workout options, even the most creative fitness enthusiasts sometimes get stuck in a rut while new exercisers may need some help developing their ideal routine. In any case, a mobile fitness app is a fantastic tool for mixing it up and getting crucial 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity, in addition to a strength training program, notes The Mayo Clinic.

As for choosing the best fitness app, it often comes down to each person’s fitness pursuits and goals. Given the drive toward improving fitness these days, there is an exercise app to support just about any regimen.

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Perfect for people who want to get fit but do not currently have the time or budget to invest in a gym membership, Fitnet provides workouts starting at five minutes and going up to 30 minutes or more. Users get the benefit of a personal trainer and class setting in the comfort of their home without the need for expensive equipment. Just a few exercise options include boot camp, yoga, HIIT, aerobic and yogalates sessions. With 200 available sessions, it is difficult to imagine getting bored or running out of ideas with this healthy app.

Stronglifts 5×5

Those first steps into a busy gym, filled with free weights and machines, is often intimidating for the most determined fitness fan. Stronglifts 5×5 can help new lifters head into the gym with a simple plan, an efficient workout, an instructive app and plenty of confidence to get the job done. With this clever app, weightlifters don’t need to carry around a clipboard since the fitness app both guides and records the prescribed exercises, as performed.


Ideal for avid runners and cyclists who live for and by the mile, Strava features GPS tracking and mapping and connectivity to personal wearable devices. Altogether, this is the perfect app for exercisers who go above the standard limits, providing data in a variety of useful metrics to help stay on track to meet fitness benchmark and racing goals.


Fitness lovers who prefer bodyweight exercises while on-the-go will enjoy Freeletics. Exercisers can work out in their basement, hotel room, the local park or at the beach with this app that promotes the idea that the body is its own gym. There is a spot for people at every fitness level and set of goals with this personal training app.

Daily Yoga

Yoga has something for every exerciser. There are flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and mental benefits to spending some quality time doing downward dogs and child’s pose. Daily Yoga features guided class sessions for any type of yoga that someone wants to do each day. With more than 100 available classes, this app will keep the most experienced yogis busy, active and happy.

Get Busy Trying Out New and Exciting Fitness Apps We Love and Can’t Live Without

All the fitness apps listed are compatible with iOS and Android systems, so anyone can get the benefits related to each one. Choose one or try any combination of them since these are fitness apps that we love and have found an amazing variety of benefits from using.