Five Expert Sports Analysts to Watch

The world of sports is big. Here is a list of some well-known sports analysts to watch.

Stephen A. Smith

This guy covers everything and is one of the most respected sports analysts out there. His show “First Take” reviews notable headlines in the sports world, and his opinions are mentioned frequently around the nation. He’s known for being loud, obnoxious (in a good way), and never backs down from critics. When he says something he usually never takes it back, and will argue his point relentlessly. His reputation gives him access to popular athletes who love being interviewed on his show. He occasionally has celebrity guest stars, and his show recently moved from ESPN2 to ESPN. If you like hot takes, Stephen A. Smith is the guy for you.

Shaquille O’Neal

One of the greatest and most celebrated big men to play the game of basketball, Shaq has taken his talents to the sports analysis world and is nothing short of entertaining. You can watch him on TNT before and after broadcasts of some of the nation’s best basketball games. Even if you’re not a fan of basketball, Shaq offers a dynamic aspect to his show you simply can’t miss. He’s funny, smart, and brutally honest. Not to mention, he and Charles Barkley are known to be comical with one another. Shaq is worth watching as his credibility is off the charts. He sees the game differently than most and offers insights no one else can think of.

Adam Schefter

Known for breaking big stories and hardly ever being wrong about a hunch, Adam Schefter is one of the most credible and respectable faces of the NFL news. He’s often criticized for appearing on television with multiple phones, but one has to wonder if maybe those phones actually serve a powerful purpose. He’s also recently received heavy criticism surrounding rumors that the Patriots will not trade Jimmy Garopollo, some going on to say that Adam will lose all credibility if he ends up being wrong. Nonetheless, Adam has proved more than capable of reporting accurate news and will soon take his talents to the basketball world as well.

Skip Bayless

Skip gained a reputation alongside Stephen A. Smith and recently started his own sports analysis show called “Undisputed,” which can only be viewed on FS1. Similar to Stephen A., Skip is relentless with his opinions. What makes Skip great is that he has a way of tying in his hot takes and connecting them to the teams he loves. He’s not afraid to go against his favorite teams either. And, unlike Stephen A., Skip will admit fault and change his stance as circumstances change and unfold. His genius is proven by the fact that he was able to transfer his analytical philosophies to a brand new TV show.

Michael Wilbon

Have you ever tried to argue a point in sixty seconds? Have you ever won an argument in only sixty seconds? If that sounds challenging, imagine doing it almost every day of the week- which is exactly what Michael Wilbon does. Being able to create sound, coherent, truthful arguments in a limited time is something Wilbon has mastered. He takes on countless stances on his TV show “Pardon the Interruption,” all with limited time. Wilbon is also able to argue points on both sides of whichever story he’s covering. He is definitely someone to add to your watch list.

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