Five Excellent Service Organizations for Sports Management Students to Participate In

Sports management is one of the most competitive industries. You are not only required to keep a sharp eye but also have the mind for fair game. While training in an accredited institution is one of the basic requirements, success in your career will be determined by the input of the organization you become part of—both as a student and an active professional.

1. National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA)

NACDA has an international membership mostly drawn from Canada, the US and Mexico. The focus of its annual convention is arising challenges facing the athletics field with a special concern on administration. To provide a solution, the organization organizes for independent sessions to satisfy every need in all levels of athletics.

Once you’ve joined NACDA, you’ll get several benefits. Among the most important is access to Athletics Administration, a journal dedicated to providing information on the current trends in athletics management in colleges. This includes job opportunities for graduates. In addition, the organization offers an opportunity for internship.

2. National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators

The organization’s main interest is leveling the ground in the world of athletics. Therefore, its focus is on women whose calling is nowhere else but athletics administration. One of its biggest achievements is seeing women take hold of influential sports positions.

Also known as NACWAA, the organization has several different programs aimed at ensuring women reach the highest level in the world of sports. It also holds an annual symposium for women in sports labeled Pre-Level I. Further, it has a long list of job positions for women graduates and those willing to advance their career in the field of sports administration.

3. Sport Marketing Association

Perhaps you have heard about the SMA. If not, a spot check will inform you about the organization’s exploits in its quest to improve the networking of professionals in the sports world. It’s all about the sports practitioner meeting his or her peer in academics as well as the student for the sake of sharing skills, experiences and any current information on sports.

With a good number of professors whose field of study is sports, any new member is sure to gain a lot from extensive and independent research. In addition, the organization holds an annual conference whose benefits for students include freely shared experiences and insights. Moreover, there is always the opportunity to build a perfect network with some of the most prominent people in the world of sports management.

4. The North American Society for Sport Management

The NASSM is a trusted companion for students in the sports field. Unlike many organizations with similar interests, it has a position for a student representative in its executive board. In addition, it confers the responsibility of organizing its annual conference to the student board.

Apart from publishing the Journal of Sport Management, NASSM has EXSport II, a system designed to encourage interaction of people whose aim is developing their career in sports. You only have to answer a number of questions on sports interests and you are readily given a suggestion on the most suitable sport management career for you according to your answers. You also get an opportunity to apply and get a sports management job through NASSM’s partnership with TeamWork Online and Job Target.

5. College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA)

CoSIDA brings together sports professionals in the communications field. They include sportspeople in media relations, communication and public relations. Its main aim is providing career development opportunities to members through various means including advancement in education.

As a student member, you are assured of support in your leadership aspirations in intercollegiate athletics. This is in addition to the invaluable opportunity for interaction with fellow students and experienced professionals with the benefit of learning how to put your theory into practice. Most important of all, there are various job opportunities for you.


The annual earnings for a sports manager stood at $97,560 in 2015. This means that sports management is one of the most lucrative careers. However, participating in one or several of the sports management organizations is the first step towards a successful career.


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