Five Ethnically Diverse Colleges with Sports Management Programs

For a long time, diversity, especially in colleges offering sports management programs has been a raging issue. Schools administrators are continuously being pressured to put anti-racist measures into use. As a result, some colleges have resorted to abandoning old course requirements in order to include more ethnically diverse classes. In addition, some schools require a professor to prove an attitude of diversity and inclusiveness before employment. While the expected level of diversity has not yet been reached, some colleges deserve a resounding applause.

1. Stanford University

With a population of 36.7% Whites, 15.5% Asians, 10.3% Hispanics and 3.7% Black Americans, Stanford University is rated as one of the most diverse colleges in the US. It offers a Sports Business Management course aimed at preparing students to face management challenges in the sports industry. Among other interests, athletes, media companies, fans, legislators and advertisers are discussed.

The course also covers sports issues in a global dimension as well as emerging trends in the sports business industry. This includes sports networks and venture backed sports companies. Most of the lecturers are conducted by sports personalities directly picked from the industry.

2. University of Southern California

In this college, the Whites make up 32.8%, Asians 18.1%, Hispanics 12.5% and Blacks 5.3 % of its student population. It offers a Sports Business Management programs through its Sports Business Institute. One of the areas of emphasis of the program is application of extensive research to enhance understanding and development of the sports business field through global analysis.

The institute also applies consulting assignments led by students and organizes sports business events. In addition, it makes use of strategic partnerships with other stakeholders in the field of sports. In the end, this helps turn its students into leaders once they complete the course and join the sporting industry.

3. New York University

The college has 35.2% Whites, 14.8% Asians, 8.7% Hispanics and 4.8% Blacks. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. The main focus of the course is inspiring students to take up leadership roles in sports by equipping them with the necessary professional skills.

Once enrolled, you will gain knowledge and skills in management and law, finance and development, marketing and media, special events and licensing as well as merchandising. In addition, you gain experience while still learning by interning and attending local and international sports events. You will also gain the required skills in developing business opportunities and creation of excellent consumer experiences through the use of the internet and social media to initiate and develop a fan base.

4. Rice University

The institution has 37.4% Whites, 16.6% Asians, 11.3% Hispanics and 5.1% Blacks. It has some of the highest numbers of foreign students at 23.5%. The college offers an undergraduate major in Sport Management.

Similar to a business administration degree, the course allows students to first learn the basic concepts of business which are then related to the sports industry through explanation of their relevance and application. The college’s Department of Sport Management teams up with the School of Social Sciences to provide opportunities for students to get more exposure in the field of sports through the Study Abroad program. As a result, many students have studied and gained internship in Barcelona, London and Istanbul.

5. Columbia University in the City of New York

The university’s student population is made up of 34.7% Whites, 12.6% Asians, 7.9% Hispanics and 5.1% Blacks. Its master’s degree program enables students to gain particular skills in the management of sports finance, sports personnel, digital media and sports events and facilities. Additionally, it equips the students with knowledge in sports-related law, marketing and analysis.

Once you enroll, you will be sure of developing your skills in problem-solving through exposure to the different sectors in the field of sports. You will also interact with fellow students from 15 countries. Thus, you will get the chance to share ideas and experiences on sports issues as well as different practices and cultures in the profession.


Ethnic diversity and higher learning is a combination that proves to be really evasive. However, there are spirited protests demanding that race and gender issues in college enrollment be looked into. Hopefully, this will result into more ethnically diverse colleges offering sports management programs.

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