Five Courses Every Sports Management Student Should Take

Sports Management is an increasingly popular field, which allows those of us who have a passion for sports to apply their marketing and business skills to this world. Given the financial clout and wide popularity of sporting franchising, it is a competitive industry to break into. Give yourself the best possible shot by taking these five courses geared towards giving you a broad and strong training in sports management.


More and more of sports is about marketing and selling your club. Many of us might not like the emphasis on the commercial aspect of sport, but the reality is that it is here to stay. Various sports in recent times are drawing huge financial interest, for example U.F.C which started small with a tiny following but has grown into a $4 billion dollar sport. Every Sports Management student should have a strong grasp of marketing.


The great strength of sports management students is that they form a bridge between the sporting world and the business world. That is why communications is an absolutely indispensable skill for any serious sports management student. Understanding how to effectively communicate your message to your audience, whoever that audience is, is a vital component of a successful professional’s career.

Project Management

This is a great course for those who want to understand how to be effective leaders. Project management skills teach you how to effectively delegate, manage your time, and oversee various aspects of a short term project that relies heavily on you. Since sports is often very short term oriented, with seasons dominating attention and then changing strongly, project management is a great way to learn how to adjust and provide specific skills and guidance.


We all know that business is key to success in sports management. But it is a very specific kind of commercial thinking that generates the most success for sports management professionals. A course in entrepreneurship is a great way to learn how to think creatively about problems, manage unusual situations, and identify unconventional opportunities for success. These are all great skills for a sports management professional since a sporting franchise often operates a lot like a startup business.

Event Planning

Not all sports management students want to end up working for a professional team. Some are more interested in attaching themselves to recreational departments, or league administration. For these students, event planning is a great skill to learn at school, and will equip you to create great sporting events that help bring people together and raise interest levels in physical activities. It also helps develop skills like identifying opportunities and communicating your message, which can help everyone whatever your sports management career is.

Sports management is an exciting area that provides unique and rewarding careers for many interested in the world of sports. In order to give yourself the best chance of success, it is vital to make sure you cover all your bases during your education. Because sports management can comprise of various broad skills, school is an opportunity to equip yourself with the ability to confront new situations effectively. By thinking in an innovative manner, and learning how to be an effective leader, you can push yourself to new heights in your career.


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