Five Cool Things About the PyeongChang Olympics

Five Reasons To Get Pumped For The PyeongChang Olympics

  • K-Pop Will Dominate The Games
  • The NHL Will Not Make An Appearance
  • New Transportation Makes The Seoul-PyeongChang Commute Easier
  • New Events Have Been Added
  • Get Ready For The New 5G Wireless Network

The Pyeongchang Olympics are just a few months away, with the opening ceremony set for early February, and it’s time to start delving into what cool things may be in store for the world. From the unveiling of the “Passion Crew” uniforms to the biggest names in K-pop making their voices heard at the games, here are five things to get excited about for the Winter Olympics.

K-Pop Will Dominate The Games

When in South Korea, do as the Koreans do. That means listening to K-pop as the major music act for the games. The popular girl group known as Girl’s Day will make an appearance at the games as the honorary ambassadors. Other K-pop acts, including VIXX, BTS, and Red Velvet, have lent their talents to promotional events and are expected to make an appearance at the games. While the acts for the opening and closing ceremonies have yet to be announced, spectators can assume they will include major K-pop acts.

The NHL Will Not Make An Appearance

This may not be a cool thing to learn about the Pyeongchang Olympics, but the NHL will not make a formal outing. That’s right: for the first time in 20 years, the NHL will forgo the Olympics in order to finish its normal season. Not only that, the NHL has also forbidden any of its players to partake in the games, citing that the season is more important Winter Olympics. This will most likely deal a blow to the hockey event, especially as the NHL has never missed a game before, but what happens in its place may be just as interesting as the fact that NHL players will not be present.

New Transportation Makes The Seoul-PyeongChang Commute Easier

Korea wants to make it easier for Olympic spectators who are stationed in Seoul to get to the games in PyeongChang. That’s why one of the coolest things about the Olympics is the new bullet train that will make the commute so much quicker. The fastest commute time used to be up to three hours; the bullet train cuts down that time to 69 minutes. The ten trains on the line, which travel at 300 km/h, can each hold 400 passengers and are expected to run up to 15 times a day.

New Events Have Been Added

The Winter Olympics are known for having a whole host of different events; there are 102 events scheduled for the 2018 Olympics across 15 disciplines. There couldn’t possibly be room for more events, and yet, four more events have been added to the roster. Two of the new events, alpine skiing, and big air snowboarding are sure to be crowd favorites, especially since Olympic favorites will have the chance to earn extra gold medals. When it comes to the snowboarding event, PyeongChang has gone all out; the city is now the site of the world’s tallest big air ramp, coming in at 49 meters.

Get Ready For The New 5G Wireless Network

Olympic spectators, both at home and at the games, can get excited about the new 5G wireless network that is set to debut at the games. KT, which is the country’s largest telecom provider, is the company behind the 5G network, which will be installed in and around Pyeongchang, will bring the Olympics closer to spectators than ever before. People who attend the events will have access to ultra HD content for most of the events and the opening and closing ceremony; it may also include 360-degree VR for some of the events, such as bobsleigh.

The Olympics are a great way for the entire world to come together in the spirit of friendly competition. The 2018 outing will be no exception and in fact, seems to be the break that every sports fan could need right now. There are more than five cool things about the Pyeongchang Olympics, but these are definitely the ones worth keeping in mind.

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