Five Bowl Games to Experience in Person Before You Die

College football is one of America’s favorite spectator sports, with bowl games played at the end of the season rewarding conference champions and top-ranked teams all throughout Division I. The top four teams in rankings at the end of the regular season should get bids to play in a semi-final game, with the winners of those two games meeting in the BCS National Championship game. It’s truly a very exciting time of the year for college football fans everywhere.

Some very passionate college football fans have been part of the excitement of attending a thrilling Division I contest and wish to see top-ranked teams facing off in one of the major bowl games, possibly to witness the crowning of the next college football champion. Some fans may not have had the opportunity to see a big-time Division I game, but would still do just about anything to attend one of these bowl game extravaganzas.

Many fans, who have an unquenched desire to see one of these most memorable bowl games, generally concur that, with few exceptions, there are five bowl games to really keep an eye on every year. Some would even say they are five bowl games to experience in person before they die. Now that’s passion!

5 ‘Can’t Miss’ College Bowl Games

The Rose Bowl: This, “The Granddaddy of Them All”, is the oldest bowl game, having been played annually since 1916. Since 1945, the Rose Bowl game, traditionally played on January 1 or January 2, has been the highest attended college football game.

Taking place in beautiful Pasadena, California, the game is just part of what fans enjoy about their Rose Bowl experience.

The Tournament of Roses Parade, taking place the morning of the game, attracts over one million people, who line up along Colorado Avenue to view this epic event, one of the world’s most famous parades.

The Peach Bowl: Not traditionally on anyone’s “must see” list, this year is an exception, as one of the two playoff semi-final games will be played here, at the Georgia Dome, on Saturday, Dec. 31. So if perhaps the teams and playoff implications are a bit more important to the fan than the name of the bowl game, this may be the year to catch a big bowl game in Atlanta.

The Orange Bowl: Played in Miami Gardens, Florida, this is a very festive game that will pit the ACC against either a Big 10 or SEC team, or Notre Dame on Dec. 31 this year.

Part of the College Football playoff, it is tied for second-oldest bowl game, having played their first game in 1935. The 2013 BCS National Championship Game was played here; future semi-final games are slated to take place here in the next several years.

The Fiesta Bowl: One of the rowdiest, most festive environments surrounding a bowl game, it should be all that’s advertised again this year. This will be the other semi-final game to determine who goes on to the National Championship Game. Also played on Dec. 31, Glendale, Arizona will be rocking at the University of Phoenix Stadium, at either 3 or 7 PM ET.

The Sugar Bowl: This year’s game will feature a Big 12 vs. SEC contest in the Superdome in New Orleans. Played on Jan. 2 this year, partying down here in the “Big Easy” will have been going on since New Year’s Eve, and will continue to rock-and-roll before, during, and after this game. As if residents and visitors need another reason to party down here!

For extraordinary thrills and excitement that’s really unmatched by any other sport, at any level, try getting to a bowl game- any bowl game, if you get the chance to. Maintain your “bucket list” of five games you really need to see, and work on attending them when you get the opportunity to. Attending one of these memorable bowl games will be something you’ll always fondly remember, no matter who’s playing!


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