Five Benefits of Attending School in the South

When deciding on where to go to school, you are faced with many options including geographical region. While other parts of the country offer large cities, bright lights and tons of commotion, the South has many perk as well. Here are five reasons as to why you should choose to attend a school in the South.


In the South, sports take the top spot as the most popular way to pass the time, but there is one sport that rules all: football. Whether it is a Friday night game at the local high school or in the stands cheering for your favorite college or professional team, everyone loves football and there is always a game to catch during the season. When football season is over, the sports fever doesn’t end but is replaced with a new sport such as basketball, baseball, or a new rising favorite: disc golf. If you love to play, but have no interest in being on the college team, intramural sports are the way to go. Many schools in the South have multiple intramural sports and teams that you can join.

Lower Cost of Living

If you are looking to live comfortably on even just a student budget, attending a school in the South may be for you. The South offers some of the most affordable living in the U.S. For the price of rent for one small studio apartment in New York City, many people pay the same amount on rent for a four bedroom house in the South. The reduced cost of living also translates to a lower price in tuition, making your education more affordable and allows your scholarships and financial aid to stretch further.


The South holds a strong sense of community, also known as southern hospitality. People were raised on the belief that they should look out for their neighbor and one another, and honor civility and chivalry. In the South, you greet strangers on the street, hold the door open for one another, and ladies are always first. Attending a school in the South means you will get to know people quickly and will make new friends easily.


If you are tired of shoveling snow, slipping on ice, and freezing temperatures, come to the South and enjoy some of the mildest weather in the U.S. While the temperature does drop in the winter, snow is rare and usually is so light it only lasts for a day or two. The warmer weather makes walking to class, enjoying a sports game, and campus activities more enjoyable.

The Great Outdoors

The South is known for having many wide-open spaces. It is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city. Even in a college town, the country is not far away. Escape the stress of class and homework by going for a walk on the beach, hitting one of the many hiking or biking trails, or taking a float trip down the river. Those are just a few of the many ways you can experience everything the outdoors has to offer in the South.

Attending school in the South is a wonderful experience. The weather is warmer, the pace is a little slower, and the people are friendly. If you still have doubts about the South, plan for a visit to a southern college or university and you just might discover that the South is where you belong.

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