5 Ways You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking at Sporting Events

How To Help Prevent Human Trafficking at Sporting Events

  • Look for Warning Signs
  • Take Awareness Training Courses
  • Volunteer for Anti-Trafficking Organizations
  • Become Politically Involved in the Issue
  • Educate Others

Those preparing for a Sports Management degree and career may be surprised to learn that major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics, attract human traffickers. This trafficking includes not just sex workers but people who are being forced into labor, including children. But there are ways to help prevent this, and here are 5 of the best:

1. Look for Warning Signs

Often it can be difficult to spot victims of human trafficking. Those involved in the trade are experts in making their victims blend in with their environments. Still, sometimes there are very clear indications that someone is a victim. If a person seems to be suffering from some kind of abuse or seems to be afraid, this could be a warning sign. Another warning sign could be lots of people living together in a small home. If possible, try to speak with these people and discover if they are victims, and if necessary contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at (888) 373-7888.

2. Take Awareness Training Courses

Many organizations offer human trafficking awareness training, including online. The Department of Homeland Security offers one such course. Stanford University also offers an online course, which they call Human Trafficking Awareness for the General Public. Other organizations that offer human trafficking training include Shared Hope International, the National Human Trafficking Hotline and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association.

3. Volunteer for Anti-Trafficking Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations that actively fight human trafficking are looking for volunteers. This includes Not for Sale and Human Rights Watch. There are also many fine local organizations that are looking for help, especially during the type of large events that attract traffickers. Greatnonprofits.org provides a directory of organizations that combat human trafficking. These organizations also welcome donations, too.

4. Become Politically Involved in the Issue

Preventing human trafficking requires the efforts of local, state and federal authorities. At every level of government more can be done to fight this scourge. But this likely will not happen by itself. It requires people to contact their local representatives and to ask them what they are doing to prevent trafficking. It also requires them to demand answers, in a public forum if necessary. Another good way to pressure elected officials into action is often by forming groups that carry the voices of many voters.

5. Educate Others

Spreading the word about human trafficking need not be limited to public officials. There are many other ways, such as by writing letters to the editors of local newspapers and by making posts on social media, and by getting friends, neighbors and family members involved. Another good way is by requesting trafficking awareness courses at local schools. Finally, there are often opportunities to spread the word at the events themselves, by handing out literature or by displaying relevant information and discussing it with passersby.

In conclusion, major sporting events attract not only fans but also those looking to exploit others. People who want to make sports management their career should do all they can to help prevent this.