5 Unique Sports Management Internships

5 Exciting Sport Management Internships

  • Coaching Intern
  • Conditioning Assistant
  • Facility Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Rehabilitation Technician

Looking for a sports management internships is often a mandatory part of the curriculum for those majoring in this field. Most colleges see it fit to require their students to get some hands-on experience before graduation. Nothing parallels the level of technical knowledge that one learns by actually doing the job in their field. Below is some information on some unique internships in this field.

1. Coaching Intern

A lot of people who pursue a career in sport management may find themselves in the position of a coach at some point. This is because it is an exciting job that perfectly utilizes the knowledge that their degree teaches them. It comes as no surprise that being a coaching intern is one of the most exciting opportunities that a student can pursue. Doing so will give them direct access to training sessions, conflict resolution strategies, and many other skills that coaches have to possess.

2. Conditioning Assistant

Besides the coaching position, most teams require a figure of authority that can help with conditioning. These are specialized coaches who focus on the athlete’s physical shape and performance. Their job tends to revolve around strength-based practices where the players might be pushed to their limits. As an intern in this field, the student would get an opportunity to come up with unique styles of training. That experience can be transferable to many other jobs where one may have to figure out things like team-oriented scheduling.

3. Facility Manager

Jobs that involve direct contact with the team are not the only types of opportunities in the market. There are countless directions in which one’s career could go that do not involve so much hands-on interaction. A great example would be the facility manager position. Generally speaking, this is a vastly underrated job that most people do not consider because it is not as popular. Regardless, getting an internship as a facility manager could teach one how to run everything from enormous training spaces to actual fields or courts related to the sport.

4. Marketing Assistant

Since the sports industry is a business, teams are often looking to make as much revenue as possible. Nowadays, the largest percentage of their earnings comes from ticket revenues. To sell out their stadiums or courts, teams have to run powerful and lucrative marketing campaigns. Those looking for sports management internships could use this as a chance to get some unorthodox experience that does not directly relate to their major.

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5. Rehabilitation Technician

Some athletes do not want to address the injuries that happen in their profession. Sadly, it is impossible to operate a team so perfectly that injuries do not occur. Rehabilitation jobs involve working with injured players and helping them overcome bone or muscle problems. Additionally, a rehabilitation technician is someone who could easily strive to become the team’s main doctor later on in their career.

According to Forbes, unlike most other industries, sports have so many different elements that work together that it is almost impossible to even list them all. In translation, people who are curious about sports management internships have a plethora of opportunities to choose from.