5 Sports Law Podcasts

Top 5 Podcasts for Sports Law Professionals

  • Conduct Detrimental
  • The Sports Law Biz Podcast
  • LawInSport
  • Classy Sports Law History
  • The Sports Law

Studying an exciting subject like sports law requires effort and focus, and some of the top sports law podcasts can help anyone master this complex subject. Sports law professionals are responsible for representing athletes and defending their rights and privacy from the public. Lawyers who enter this field must be familiar with labor law, contract law, antitrust law and tort law. It is a relatively new field, and many law schools give students the option of specializing in this important discipline. The world of podcasts is rapidly expanding as new listeners discover content they find useful and interesting. The sports law genre is a quickly growing niche that offers relevant information and guidance from experts.

1. Conduct Detrimental

Conduct Detrimental is a weekly podcast hosted by Daniel Wallach and Daniel Werly. The two hosts are both experienced sports lawyers with a gift for conducting in-depth interviews. Each episode of the podcast features industry insights from insiders in the world of sports law, including coaches, athletes, lawyers, academics and business professionals. Topics of discussion range from sports law news to athlete representation and legal scholarship. Some of the top episodes of the podcast include detailed discussions of important events in sports law, such as the NCAA bribery scandal of 2017, Ezekiel Elliot’s lawsuit against the NFL and the trial of NBA player Derrick Rose.

2. The Sports Law Biz Podcast

Peter Ott is the host of The Sports Law Biz Podcast, a bi-monthly podcast that covers topics ranging from sports healthcare law to college athlete compensation. One of the top episodes of the podcast features an interview with sports lawyer Andy Schwartz on the economics of college sports and the rights of college athletes to receive compensation for their performances. According to the Sports Lawyers Association, several colleges have been sued by coaches and athletes for withholding payments or failing to provide compensation for athletic services. The former football coach of Kansas University has sued KU for withholding compensation for a buyout. The Sports Law Biz Podcast discusses cases like this and others.

3. LawInSport

LawInSport is a monthly podcast hosted by sports lawyer Stephen Ridgeway. Episodes of the podcast cover a wide range of topics from sports radio piracy and sports betting to athletic doping and international sports law. Sports lawyers and law students can learn a lot of useful information from Ridgeway. He has a straightforward and engaging interview style and extensive knowledge of the world of sports law.

4. Classy Sports Law History

Anyone who is studying sports law should have a good understanding of its history. The Classy Sports Law History podcast offers an insightful look at the history of sports law and its implications in today’s athletic culture. The show is hosted by sports lawyer Jaime Miettinen, who also goes by the name Sports Law Blonde. Each month she discusses sports law history with knowledgeable figures in the world of sports law.

5. The Sports Law

Judge Andy Wood is the host and legal analyst behind The Sports Law podcast. Legal issues covered in the podcast include regulations in the NBA, MLB and NFL as well as scandals involving players, coaches and owners and other sports law controversies. Wood offers perceptive analysis and helpful explanations of complex topics.

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Lawyers and law school students should always keep themselves up-to-speed on important topics in the field of law in which they specialize. Sports lawyers and students can do themselves a favor by subscribing and listening to these classic and influential sports law podcasts.