5 Resources for Fantasy Football Players

5 Great Websites for Fantasy Football Players

  • NFL.com
  • ESPN
  • CBS Sports
  • Bleacher Report
  • FF Toolbox

With the increasing popularity of fantasy sports today, there are many resources available to those interested in participating in fantasy football. Fantasy Football (FF) is a popular sport that allows football fans to make up a football team using their favorite players. The goal of this fantasy game is to choose players that will score the most points on a weekly or seasonal basis. Often, just having the best players on their team is not enough to score a win for the week. Lucky for fantasy players, the internet and media provide many resources for FF participants. Here are five resources worth checking into.

1. NFL.com

Some might say that NFL.com is one of the most comprehensive and helpful sites for FF players. Unlike many other sports-based sites, NFL.com deals with football and only football. It includes all the important information football lovers need to help them create and manage a winning fantasy team, including team schedules, injury reports, game odds and fantasy football point projections. It also offers several different fantasy games for both experienced fantasy sports players and beginners. NFL.com is also a great site for those interested in learning more about player and team stats.


Unlike NFL.com, which offers only football information, ESPN offers news on basketball, baseball, hockey amongst other sports. Despite focusing on so many different sports, ESPN is still a great resource for FF participants as it offers tons of information on football news. ESPN also offers helpful tips and articles on how to create a fantasy team, who to start or sit each week and which players are expected to have a big week in football. There are also various fantasy leagues to get into each week.

3. CBS Sports

Like ESPN, CBS Sports covers all types of sports but also has a lot of valuable information for pigskin enthusiasts. In addition to the various FF leagues it offers, it also includes a section just for fantasy games. Readers can find information on players who are injured, benched or traded each week. It also offers help in making draft picks to get the best fantasy football team that will produce the most points. CBS Sports also offers podcasts that are loaded with information so participants can even work on their fantasy teams while relaxing, working out or driving down the road.

4. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a very interesting media site or product that offers valuable sports news. It has special sections for World Football and the NFL. Anything viewers want to know about their favorite players or teams can be found on Bleacher Report. Does your QB have a bye this week? Is he expected to have a big day? Answers to these questions and more are available in the Bleacher Report Football section. Viewers who can’t watch the game can go to the Bleacher Report site and receive live scoring.

5. FF Toolbox

FF Toolbox is a site devoted almost exclusively for fantasy and real football fans and players. This site has all the information fantasy players may need to help them draft players, monitor their progress and manage the team. It also offers archives where viewers can check on past dynasties and valuable players. FF Toolbox has specific sections for rookies, sleepers, starters, duds and more. It also offers information on what point projects there are on each player position. Even beginners can create a winning team using FF Toolbox as their resource.

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If fantasy sports sound fun and exciting, it’s because they are fun and exciting. It can make the football season even more exciting for football fans and make the season more bearable for those who aren’t interested in the sport. Online media sites like USA Today offer some great tips and news highlights that can be very helpful in putting together a winning team each week. Using some of the various resources for fantasy sports can give participants the edge it might take to win.