5 Resources for Fantasy Basketball Players

Top Five Resources to Win in Fantasy Basketball

  • ESPN
  • Twitter
  • RotoWorld Reports
  • Fantasy Reports
  • NBA’s Official Fantasy Website

In recent years, the number of individuals who are participating in fantasy basketball has increased in an unprecedented manner. According to Business Insider, 2015 saw a 37 percent spike in the total accounts created for various fantasy games. Since basketball is arguably amongst the most popular sports, these types of trends vastly apply to it. Expectedly, the number of players seeking resources to increase their odds of winning has also grown.


The first and most popular resource that should be considered is ESPN. The reason why is the fact that this particular network is the most comprehensive operator. Besides the fact that players can play fantasy basketball on ESPN itself, the company hires many experts who deliver their opinions, critiques, predictions, and more. Not to mention the fact that those subscribed to ESPN can further watch the vast majority of sports in the world. Thus, viewing the games while reading significant insight could help one leverage ESPN to boost their knowledge.

2. Twitter

Next, fantasy players should look over quite a few Twitter pages and hashtags on a daily basis because most of the players that they might have on their fantasy teams have active Twitter profiles where they tend to post news and updates. If someone happens to get injured in the last second or does not intend on playing, the odds of such news breaking on Twitter is much higher than any other social media. Additionally, keeping an eye on NBA-related hashtags will allow one to avoid unforeseen difficulties.

3. RotoWorld Reports

Rotoworld is a sporting outlet that features news, reports, insights, and analyses of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more. Since fantasy players here will mostly care about the NBA, however, they can focus on reviewing information pertaining to result forecasts and expert opinions about match-ups. That way, they will be able to make the necessary changes to their line-up and minimize the odds of overlooking important data. Not to mention extremely helpful cheatsheets built by RotoWorld to help users perform better.

4. Fantasy Reports

Obviously, every player should spend some time reading the latest fantasy reports for whatever league they are involved with. For example, someone who has a team on Yahoo Sports should certainly look into the new information provided by Yahoo. This is mostly done to get familiar with the league itself, not to obtain NBA-relevant information. In other words, going through those Yahoo reports could allow one to learn how to successfully trade or conduct transactions with other team owners. It may also be instrumental to a successful initial draft.

5. NBA’s Official Fantasy Website

A good resource to keep in mind is the NBA’s official website related to fantasy. Information that may not be accessible elsewhere can be found here. The main website of almost any fantasy sport is going to be maintained very professionally and updates will be featured frequently. Nonetheless, this resource should not come before some of the other ones that were mentioned above. Instead, it is yet another great add-on page to whatever else the player may be relying on already.

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Players should also consider their opponents’ teams as a resource. This is because any actions taken by other team owners could be indicative of some hidden report or statistic. Those who do not wish to do so, however, can stick to the prior five options to maximize the odds of having a winning fantasy basketball career.