5 Resources for Fantasy Baseball Players

5 Best Fantasy Baseball Resources

  • SCFE: Fantasy Baseball Email Advice
  • Razz Ball
  • ADP Report from Fantasy Pros
  • Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball
  • Fangraphs Fantasy Baseball

Many sports enthusiasts set up and participate in fantasy baseball leagues each season, and there are some handy resources for fantasy baseball players. The way it works is simpler than some think. Players pick teams based on the professional athletes they desire. They then get points based on how well those athletes perform. With the right resources, players can have a great season.

1. SCFE: Fantasy Baseball Email Advice

Players who have questions during the drafting season or the regular season can turn to the professionals at SCFE for help. Some of the experts working for this site have more than 20 years of experience in fantasy baseball. It takes only seconds to email the SCFE team, and most users will get a response by the next day. Also called the So-Called Fantasy Experts, the team can answer questions about which players are the best and which players teams should trade. This resource is free to use and lets fantasy baseball players send emails anytime.

2. Razz Ball

Another useful site that features loads of statistics is Razz Ball. Launched in October of 2007, it quickly became one of the ultimate resources on the web. The site posts an average of more than 30 times during the busy MLB season and posts multiple times during the off-season too. It provides advice for those new to the sport and tips on how to pick the best team and make changes later. The founders of the site also have a podcast that readers can download and listen to each week.

3. ADP Report from Fantasy Pros

Smart players know that they can’t get through the season with the same athletes they picked at the beginning of the season. The ADP Report from Fantasy Pros is a good resource for players who need help picking and changing their fantasy teams. This resource becomes available during the draft season as players build their teams. It includes information from top sites, including Yahoo! and CBS and also includes content gathered from paid/premium sites. Users can choose to download a report that includes info from all those sites, but they can also pick and choose from those sites.

4. Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball

Yahoo! started one of the first fantasy baseball leagues on the net and still offers users the chance to play on the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball site. This site requires that users create accounts and then pick their teams. They have access to hundreds of articles that detail everything from which players suffered injuries during the off-season to reports on players coming up from the minor leagues. Players can also listen to a fantasy sports podcast and buy apparel and memorabilia from their favorite teams.

5. Fangraphs Fantasy Baseball

According to a report from CNN, more than 56 million people play fantasy baseball and join fantasy leagues each year. Some of the best resources for fantasy baseball players include podcasts such as the one called Fangraphs Fantasy Baseball. This podcast features two men who discuss the performance of MLB athletes from week to week and how those performances will affect fantasy players. The only downside to the podcast is that it doesn’t look too closely at the value of those athletes.

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Fantasy baseball players create a roster at the beginning of the season with 20+ athletes who they think will have good seasons and help them earn points. The rankings change each week and as official scores come through. Some of the best resources for fantasy baseball players include podcasts and sites that can help them with their teams.