5 Reasons to Pursue a Master’s in Sports Management

Five Benefits That People With a Master’s in Sports Management Enjoy

  • More Opportunities
  • High-Profile Clients
  • Better Compensation
  • Additional Skills
  • More Connections

Pursuing a master’s degree in sports management will prolong one’s academic career by at least two years. Some people may believe that this time would be better spent elsewhere. This, however, is not necessarily true. Although staying or going back to school may be a hard choice, a master’s degree will always offer countless benefits that outweigh the costs.

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1. More Opportunities

When employers overlook one’s experience in the industry or lack thereof, they usually set high standards for educational background. In translation, although they may accept inexperienced workers, they will often want them to be highly educated. So, having a master’s degree will open more doors for people without relevant experience as the vast majority of job postings will not require anything beyond this degree. Given a large number of potential opportunities, one is bound to find at least a few different alternatives that satisfy their needs. That way, they will be able to use the master’s degree to find their dream job!

2. High-Profile Clients

Similar to companies or non-profit institutions that hire people with degrees in sports management, individual athletes often care about one’s credentials. Having a graduate degree certainly provides them with the necessary assurance. This means that a master’s degree will also help one find profitable opportunities where they get to work with professional athletes. Typically, these jobs are usually based on managing the client’s ventures and dealing with the administrative side of their career. So, the work one may have to do can be very unique and unpredictable. Luckily, that is what makes this career choice so exciting.

3. Better Compensation

Any college degree is bound to increase one’s overall compensation throughout their career. This is because the relationship between the years of education and life earnings is directly proportional. Meaning, when the first input goes up, so does the second. CBS News’ Moneywatch further shares how obtaining a master’s degree (including one in sports management) will lead to higher-paying jobs as the additional skills cost more. This provides a well-defined route to lucrative careers for those who are interested in sports management in general. Not to mention that a graduate degree will help people find increased bonuses and other financial incentives.

4. Additional Skills

As with every graduate degree, the ultimate goal is to instill an additional layer of knowledge into the student. The exact same concept applies to those who are getting a master’s in sports management. Unlike undergraduate programs, these students will be given more in-depth overviews of important topics, be a part of smaller class sizes, and get to learn from top-notch professionals with relevant experience in the industry. Most of the aforementioned benefits are impossible to achieve outside of a graduate degree. Furthermore, after going through the program, one will possess a new set of skills that most others lack.

5. More Connections

Alongside the new skills that a master’s degree will provide, the student will also establish supplementary connections. Since most graduate classes are small in size, professors often get to know their students very well. Consequently, they are able to help them by using all of their previously established connections. This can involve anything from providing aid when the student is looking for work to recommending specific individuals who can help with various certifications. Not to forget that creating solid relationships is important for the future as well.

Although the previous benefits may sound persuasive enough, one should also consider how much time and effort they are willing to dedicate. Any graduate program demands a significant amount of work and commitment, but many find it worthwhile to obtain a master’s degree in sports management.

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