5 Most Philanthropic Professional Coaches

Professional Coaches Known for Their Philanthropy

  • Mike Krzyzewski
  • Gregg Popovich
  • Tony Dungy
  • Brad Stevens
  • Bill Belichick

Being a leader of a sports team involves much more than what happens during the game: Philanthropic professional coaches are known for their charitable contributions to the betterment of society. As more young adults need a solid role model in their lives, these examples of selflessness help give others a good example to live by. Although some of these coaches work may be somewhat surprising, their helping hands are something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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Mike Krzyzewski

He has been the face of college basketball for decades. Mike Krzyzewski, or as many call him “Coach K”, has led a Duke basketball team to several national championships. Krzyzewski has also represented the USA in the Olympics on several occasions. While he is highly respected in the world of basketball, his humanitarian efforts off the court are quite notable. He started a nonprofit organization to honor his mother which would have the purpose to encourage young adults to lead lives of integrity and purpose. He is quite active in supporting organizations like the Children’s Hospital and cancer research organizations. He is truly a philanthropic professional coach who has a strong influence on our society.

Gregg Popovich

The professional basketball coach who is well known for being blunt, Gregg Popovich has led a San Antonio Spurs team to several NBA Championships. His teams have been the true example of consistency over a 20-year span. Popovich insists on a high level of excellence at all times with all his players. He also is known for doing what is moral and just, which explains why he can be considered a philanthropic coach as well. He consistently donates to charities and is quite involved with the San Antonio Food Bank. As an advocate for decency on and off the court, “Pop” is highly respected among many.

Tony Dungy

A philanthropic professional coach doesn’t have to always be outspoken. Tony Dungy is known for being a soft-spoken, humble football coach. As a positive role model for young African Americans, Dungy truly exemplifies selflessness. According to Forbes, Dungy enjoys the open schedule that retirement gives him. He is now able to focus on making a positive impact on society while focusing on charities that benefit children and education. He delivered an NFL championship to Indianapolis and now he is making a difference in the lives of young adults and children. He even received the Pat Summerall Award for his community service efforts.

Brad Stevens

This young professional coach got his experience in basketball coaching with his underdog Butler team in the NCAA. Stevens began as an assistant barely making any money to now being one of the top coaches in the NBA. He leads the young and talented Boston Celtics team. Although his accomplishments on the court are impressive, Stevens reaches out to his local community with care and attention. Within his first year arriving to Boston Stevens supported the Greater Boston Food Bank and helped hundreds of families have a good meal to eat. Stevens is a philanthropic head coach who believes in fighting against hunger.

Bill Belichick

Leading the New England Patriots to five NFL championships in his career, Bill Belichick’s model of consistency has led to his tremendous success. Much of the media might have a certain impression of this man, but many of his close friends know his true character runs deep. He is known for giving troubled NFL players a second chance as well as giving thousands of dollars to young sports teams. He is truly a model to show that kindness can truly come from any source.

We look up to coaches as a good role model for many of us. These philanthropic professional coaches show that humanity can be found even among the famous.