5 Most High-Tech NFL Stadiums

According to an article from CNN, many NFL stadiums were designed to give visiting teams a disadvantage. The article also talked about some of the top and most unique technologies installed for the enjoyment of fans and for environmental benefits. When it comes to innovative technologies that are not aimed at fueling adversarial rivalries, these five stadiums top the list.

1. Sun Life Stadium

IBM is working with the Miami Dolphins to put analytics tools into this stadium. The technology uses IBMCloud and gives fans instant access to scores, stats and updates to share on their mobile devices. They will be able to share information anywhere in the stadium. In addition to providing fans with more interactive tools to use, the stadium uses the technology to collect valuable data. This data helps them see the stadium experience through the eyes of fans and make even more changes for an ever-improving experience.

2. Levi’s Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers have a new stadium with state-of-the-art technology. One of the most famous innovations is their Yahoo Fantasy Football Sports Lounge. The lounge is part of a special deal with Yahoo, which keeps fantasy football fans updated with the latest news while they are at the stadium. With a capacity of 1,600, the lounge is full of charging stations and screens for fans to use. Connection and traffic capacity was increased to four times the minimum requirement.

3. AT&T Stadium

In 2009, this stadium made news when it installed the largest high-definition LED display in the world. The latest addition is a fan experience board. It is 130″ wide and has special panels that rotate, and fans connect to the board through a special mobile app. There is a unique “Unite This House” feature. When fans press the app logo on their phones during certain points of the game, it creates a vibration throughout the stadium and activates the flash. In addition to this app pumping up fan excitement, it also helps visitors locate their seats and map out concession areas.

4. University Of Phoenix Stadium

Not all technological improvements in NFL stadiums are related only to the digital world. The home of the Arizona Cardinals is also home to some amazing environmental stadium technologies. One of the most impressive is the retractable field. The field is made from natural grass and actually sits on 16 rail tracks with steel wheels. It uses 76 motors. When the game is over, the field retracts back into the outdoors. This is because the stadium enclosure is not ideal for cultivating it. However, the stadium also has a retractable roof to protect fans from the intense desert sun.

5. Lambeau Field

This stadium is home to the Green Bay Packers and is perhaps the stadium with the most fan-friendly atmosphere. It recently upgraded its sound system and display monitors. Since the temperatures are often frigid, there are monitors in nearly every part of the stadium and outside. This allows fans to watch the game wherever they are most comfortable. There is also the “Tailgate Tundra Zone” outdoors, which is an area of over 200 parking spots for tailgaters. The stadium was also praised by PETA for its innovative addition of meat-free foods.

With several stadiums taking the lead in technological advancement and innovation, fans across the country can expect more stadiums to step up their game. The stadium experience for fans is part of the reason why so many teams have sold-out venues. These changes are good news for sports fans, teams and venue owners.

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