5 Most Exciting Moments in World Series Games

Best World Series Moments Ever

  • Bill Buckner Error
  • Kirk Gibson Home Run
  • 2016 and Game 7
  • Don Larsen and His Perfect Game
  • 1960 Home Run

Baseball fans of all ages can close their eyes and picture the five most exciting moments in World Series games throughout history. Even those who root for one specific team can recall moments that involved players from other teams. Sports management majors often talk about these games in their classes and while doing internships and working in the field.

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1. Bill Buckner Error

Though the Boston Red Sox now have a World Series trophy, many thought the team had a curse on it for a number of years. One of the moments they pointed to as proof of this curse came during the 1986 World Series. The Red Sox already had two wins under their belt when they went into Game 6. As Buckner rushed to grab a ball, it deflected off his mitt and rolled right between his legs. The gaff gave The New York Mets the chance to score and eventually win the game. They would go on to win the entire World Series.

2. Kirk Gibson Home Run

When baseball fans talk about home run performances, they often mention Kirk Gibson and the 1988 World Series. While Gibson was an adequate player, he entered the first game injured and left fans wondering if he could even play. When he stepped up to bat, he was in such pain that he fell down after taking each swing and had a difficult time getting back up again. That made his home run moment even more spectacular. Some credit his hit with giving the Dodgers the motivation they needed to win the whole Series.

3. 2016 and Game 7

Game 7 of the 2016 World Series saw two cursed teams compete against each other: The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Going into Game 7, fans were on the edges of their seats in anticipation as the two teams played. It came down to extra innings and a storm that threatened the game itself before the Cubs got together and listened to a rousing motivation speech that got them right back into the game. They came out onto the field as changed men and scored two more runs to win the game and the World Series, breaking a curse that lasted more than 100 years.

4. Don Larsen and His Perfect Games

Pitching a perfect game is extremely rare during regular gameplay and even rarer during World Series play. Don Larsen, the main pitcher for the Yankees, made history when he pitched a perfect game during Game 5 of the 1956 World Series. Coming off a game where he made multiple mistakes and saw a number of players score against him, he came back with a vengeance. Fans still love talking about the only man in history who pitched a perfect game during the World Series.

5. 1960 Home Run

When FOX Sports listed the top 15 best moments in World Series history, it picked Game 7 of the 1960 matchup between the Pirates and the Yankees as the top moment. Though the Pirates were up by two runs as they went into the ninth inning, the Yankees quickly came back to score two runs and tie the game. No one expected Bill Mazeroski to hit a home run, but he hit the ball over the wall and became the first player in history to win the World Series with a home run.

While baseball fans have their favorite players and teams, they always root for the best. Fans of all ages still remember and love the most exciting moments in World Series history.