5 Internship Opportunities in Parks and Recreation Management

5 Parks and Recreation Management Internship Opportunities

  • Community Outreach and Development Intern
  • Outdoor Recreation and Education Intern
  • Summer Aquatics Intern
  • Children and Youth Program Intern
  • Natural Resource Intern

Parks and recreation management offers excellent internship opportunities for students in a variety of study programs. These internships are ideal both for those who intend to work in natural settings and those working in other fields. Any of these internships provide solid backgrounds for students.

1. Community Outreach and Development Intern

A community outreach and development intern will be involved in events and other outreach events that benefit a community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with growth expected to increase 13 percent over 10 years, these positions can provide valuable experience for future jobs. Establishing and maintaining good relationships is a task that makes up a large part of this position.

One of the types of tasks that community outreach professionals, including interns, undertake includes action plans. These plans might focus on an overall goal, such as sustainability, that the company or organization wants to accomplish. Creating materials to address the rest of the community is another common task for interns.

2. Outdoor Recreation and Education Intern

Interns working in this type of field may work in settings as diverse as summer youth camps and local, state, or national parks. One thing that comes with this sort of position is interaction with guests or visitors of all ages.

The prospects for full-time employment are very good for anyone with a background in outdoor recreation and education. In addition to delivering programs in environmental education, interns might help develop these programs, providing valuable hands-on experience for future jobs in this or related fields.

3. Summer Aquatics Intern

The aquatics field offers a broad variety of opportunities for students. Fisheries and other aquatic habitats provide excellent learning experiences for those who will work in natural fields. Some of these types of positions involve working with marine species, including fish and mammals.

One of the things that many interns can do while having this type of position is help lead educational offerings. These opportunities may involve working with different age groups, which helps provide a good foundation for later employment. Marine-related positions often represent some of the better-paying jobs for those interested in the outdoors.

4. Children and Youth Program Intern

Many see children and youth program jobs as one of the best internship opportunities for young adults. Work with children and youth is an integral part of many parks and recreation management positions. Interns who work in children’s and youth programs will have a distinct advantage in the workforce.

National, state, and even city or county parks can offer programs for younger visitors. Planning activities, as well as working closely with volunteers, will often play roles in the job you’ll do as an intern. Supervision of and interaction with youth is also a part of what you might do.

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5. Natural Resources Intern

Jobs that involve natural resources are not as fast-growing as some similar jobs. However, internships in this field provide valuable experiences for students. Natural resources managers play an important role in working with companies about environmental policies and sustainability. People who choose to work in this field will often specialize in a specific sub-field, which can make a difference for later career options. Many of the skills students will get to utilize during their internships involve problem-solving, which is always beneficial.

The internship possibilities that you can take advantage of when studying fields involving the outdoors are helpful. A park and recreation management course of study can be one of the best decisions you’ll make.