5 Great TED Talks for Coaches

Those working in a coaching position are granted a unique opportunity each and every day. That is the opportunity to make a meaningful and very direct difference in the lives of others. In that same spirit of excellence imparted on others, here are some fantastically helpful and insightful TED Talks perfect for all coaches out there. Consider the following wealth of knowledge and acuity.

The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding

John Wooden

UCLA basketball has known some very winning records over the years. Aside from player-based endeavor, much of that still astounding record was due to the workings of legendary coach, John Wooden. In his gift to us all, Wooden imparts his wisdom on winning and the idea that aiming for success rather than wins can lead any team to greatness. Here, Wooden discusses his overall approach as well as influences dear to his own path to greatness.

Why Helmets Don’t prevent Concussions – and What Might

David Camarillo

Sometimes, being a great coach means being able to understand the body’s limits, warning signs, and risks. Players and their loved ones also want to win but never at the cost of countless tomorrows lost. Keeping stride with this emerging and very important subject, bioengineer, researcher, and ex-football player David Camarillo gives a great rundown of concussions and brain science in particular, in its current state. Understanding and respecting physiological trauma of this exact nature is yet another benchmark of the complete coach.

What it Takes to be a Great Leader

Roselinde Torres

This particular TED Talk cuts straight to the core of what many coaches are after at the end of the day: pure, unadulterated leadership greatness. What exact elements are required in order to result in the model coach and leader? Consulting executive and leadership expert Roselinde Torres takes the audience on a very candid but direct tour of the path to greatness as a leader. As it turns out, the clues to becoming a great leader may be right in front of us all if we just know where to look.

Are Athletes Really Getting Faster, Better, Stronger?

David Epstein

In this enlightening TED Talk for coaches, speaker David Epstein provides us with the evidence to either lift up or dispel the growing rumor in sports today of modern athletes simply being much more physically able than those of yesteryear. Whatever your personal opinion on the subject, this presentation will enlighten you with the truth that not all other coaches possess. Per Epstein’s bio on the TED website, he is “an investigative reporter who covers the wide-open space where sports, science and medicine overlap.”

Special Olympics Let Me Be Myself – A Champion

Matthew Williams

Our final TED Talk of recommendation here comes in the website’s category for “inspirational” presentations, and it’s little wonder. Here, Matthew Williams makes a highly inspirational case for the power of sports to impart some of life’s best lessons on humanity. Williams himself works for the International Special Olympics, from which much of his moving words are based, and holds the respected position of global messenger.

TED Talks are certainly one resource that can offer a wealth of valuable insights into all angles of our world today. These particular TED Talks are particularly great for coaches and coaches-to-be. Supplement your own greatness with the insights of those just ahead of you on that very same path with these five great TED Talks for coaches.

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