5 Great Southern Teams to Work With

For athletes and people who like to be involved with sports, this article looks at 5 great southern teams to work with. There are many benefits that come from being involved with a sports team, from learning from the coaching staff, to building relationships.

With many different schools and sports teams in the south, choosing the best southern team to work with can be daunting. We have compared the 5 greatest teams in the south to work with, from Nashville to Miami.

5 Great Southern Teams to Work With Are:

1. The Arkansas, Razorbacks

In Fayetteville, the Arkansas Razorbacks team is the official professional team of Arkansas. While this team is constantly improving under the coaching staff, the younger players are still learning the ropes. There is always room for improvement on the Razorbacks, but the talented players and skilled staff have created an ideal team to work with in the south.

2. The Miami Hurricanes

Miami has an amazing college football program, which has put out many NFL prospects, not to mention the many national titles. The Miami Hurricanes is one of the greatest in the nation. Even when they are not playing their best, it is always fun to watch them go at it on the field. This is due to the amazing team comradery, and the involved coaching staff, who are always focused on improving their game.

3. Duke Blue Devils

The intense rivalry between the University of North Carolina and Duke has always been part of the thrill of college basketball. In fact, this rivalry might be the most intense in all of sports. Duke has always had strong leadership, great team players, and amazing coaching staff. Determination and discipline has helped make Duke one of the most formidable teams in the league.

4. Atlanta

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are one of the tops sports teams in this capital city. However, last year was a bit of a setback. With a tough schedule and a bunch of injuries, the team was on the decline. Normally one of the most dominating teams in the league, their poor play was almost unheard of, according to ESPN. With lots of potential for growth and a strong work ethic however, the Yellow Jackets make the cut as one of the five great southern teams to work with.

5. The City of Nashville

Don’t forget about Vanderbilt University. With a rich history in all of college sports, Vanderbilt is the definition of an athletic school. The Commodore football team has won many titles, which have made them favorites among residents and sports fans. This is a team many would love to work for. From the great staff to talented players, there are many things to learn from this Nashville team.

There are many opportunities in the south to get involved on a team. However, it is important that you find a team that has dedicated players, as well as a system that will improve your abilities, and give you room to grow into the professional sports world. Try out one of the 5 best southern teams listed above to work with, and find the best fit for you.


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