5 Great Podcasts for Coaches

As a sports coach, you want to inspire your players to work harder and play together as a team. Solo sport players also need inspiration and the best coach you can be. Podcasts help you stay in touch with inspiring stories and the psychology of being a good coach to your athletes.

Coach Your Best Podcast

This podcast is inspiration for both coaches and athletes. Jeremy Boone hosts the podcast, which talks about high performance training for many sports. There are episodes on essential coaching strategies as well as athlete directed coaching. Jeremy Boone has been a performance coach since 1992. He’s worked with professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and NBA. He publishes podcast episode between 2 and 3 times a month on average.

Top Coach Baseball

While this podcast focuses on baseball, a coach of any sport can find inspiration with these success stories. The podcast is hosted by Jack Warren who is the owner of Cornbelt Sports. He confesses to a love affair with baseball and interviews baseball coaches on a weekly basis. He speaks around the country and leads training seminars for leaders. His focus is interviewing baseball coaches from a variety of leagues including high school and amateur coaches. There’s a new interview each week on the show.

Get Psyched for Sports

This is a great podcast for athletes and coaches alike. While many of the episodes talk directly to athletes, coaches can use this for inspiration with their own team. It centers around the psychology of sports and preparing mentally for the game. There are episodes like “What is Sports Psychology?” and “Breaking Free From Your Comfort Zone in Sports.” Coaches have to spend time inspiring their players mentally as well as making sure they’re prepared physically for the field.

Sports Coach Radio

The podcast is hosted by Glenn Whitney who is a leading coach psychologist. Every week, the podcast will feature interviews with sports coaches, team performance directors and exercise physiologists. It’s a great podcast for coaches who want to inspire their athletes and bring out the best in them. The podcast doesn’t stick to one type of sport. They interview basketball, swimming, wrestling and volleyball coaches as well as football and track coaches.

Winning Youth Coaching

The podcast is hosted by a parent who spends his time coaching youth sports. He’s been coaching children for over 10 years. He has a quote on the site from Frederick Douglass that reads “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” He’s been a guest on other podcasts like Mind over Matter Podcast and Teamsnap Podcast. The podcast has episodes of interviews with other youth sports coaches as well as young athletes who are making a mark in their sport.

Inspiring players to make them the best athletes in their field requires a coach who is willing to expand their knowledge and be creative with their players. Whether it’s learning from other coaches or finding out how to conquer fear in your athletes, these podcasts are great for new and experienced coaches alike.

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