5 Great NHL Podcasts

5 Podcasts for NHL Fans

  • Hockey Central @ Noon
  • Puck Podcast
  • Marek vs. Wyshynski
  • Puck Soup
  • Hockey Hurts

Busy hockey fans may have a hard time keeping up on all the latest National Hockey League (NHL) discussions. Scrolling through apps and online articles just do not have the same effect as being pulled into a riveting conversation between experts and enthusiasts. Sports radio is riddled with ads, and you have to tune it at just the right time to hear what you are most looking forward to. These five NHL podcasts will keep every hockey fan informed and entertained.

1. Hockey Central @ Noon

There is no better source for the latest hockey happenings than former NHL members themselves. This is is the idea behind the creation of Hockey Central @ Noon. This daily podcast is hosted by Jeff Marek and David Amber. They engage in daily interviews with former players Nick Kypreos and Colby Armstrong, as well as former executives Brian Burke, Doug MacLean & Gord Stellick. At 45 minutes an episode, this podcast makes an excellent companion for the commute to and from work.

2. Puck Podcast

Those looking for a deep dive into the NHL will appreciate Puck Podcast. This weekly podcast hosted by Eddie Garcia and Doug Stolhand is full of analysis, debates, and interviews with hockey greats. This is an excellent choice for listeners who love to hash out every last detail from the week. Each episode lasts between an hour and a half and three hours, so take it on long road trips and tune in when you are in the mood to binge listen.

3. Marek vs. Wyshynski

Everyone who likes Jeff Marek in Hockey Central @ Noon and the heated debates of Puck Podcast will definitely be into Marek vs. Wyshynski. Jeff and Greg Wyshynski voice off each week in friendly debates about the most controversial topics in hockey. They often invite exciting guests to join in on the fun and add additional perspectives. Each episode varies in length, but every episode promises listeners a good listen and fascinating food for thought.

4. Puck Soup

Sometimes hockey fans want to know what hockey people think about hockey and what hockey people think about everything else. This is where Puck Soup comes in. Greg Wyshynski, Dave Lozo, and a wide variety of guests talk about what happens in hockey on and off the ice, as well as what they think about pretty much every other thing in life. This is the ideal listen for everyone who always wonders what NHL people are like in real life.

5. Hockey Hurts

Hockey Hurts is where listeners come to hear all the tales they will never find anywhere else. Players and coaches Cameron Walsh, from Melbourne, and Ryan Wilson, from New York, covers a span topics and viewpoints as wide as their origins. While most listeners have heard the news before, they have never heard it the way these two tell it. Their combined experience makes for a dynamic hour every week. Listeners never know if they will come away with more or fewer questions.

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It has never been easier to keep up with the latest in the world of hockey. These five NHL podcasts not only get listeners up to speed with what has been happening on the ice, but they also dive deep into the lives and visions of NHL’s greatest off the ice. Each hockey fan is looking for something a little different, and these podcasts offer something for everyone.