5 Great MLB Podcasts

5 Great Podcasts for MLB Fans

  • Executive Access
  • Morning Lineup
  • Cut4Cast
  • Statcast
  • International Talk

True baseball fans are already tuned into sports news on television and radio. They have all the apps installed and websites bookmarked. They have flipped through all the magazines and scanned the sports section of the newspapers. For those who still want more and those looking for an alternative, here are five informative and entertaining MLB podcasts.

1. Executive Access

MLB fans are familiar with the executive reporting skills of Mark Feinsand. He has been with MLB since 2001 and now hosts Executive Access, a podcast that takes listeners behind the scenes of the MLB. From scouting to breaking news on specific teams, to the future of America’s favorite past time, this podcast is loaded with details not found anywhere else. Mark invites listeners into interviews with some of the MLB’s most senior staff. New episodes post once a month.

2. Morning Lineup

For a more regularly-scheduled catch-up, start each day with the Morning Lineup. Hosts Anthony Castrovince and Richard Justice discuss the latest and greatest in the world of MLB. Topics range from news on the diamond to the everyday lives of players, coaches, and owners. The frequent episodes allow for in-depth coverage of the most up-to-date happenings, ensuring that listeners are always on top of their game. This podcast makes the ideal companion for that commute to work.

3. Cut4Cast

Listeners looking for a little comedy with their baseball will enjoy Cut4Cast. A wide variety of hosts tell hilarious tales from baseball past and present and engage in witty banter about off-the-wall topics such as stadium snacks and walk-up song choices. This is a great place to learn everything you never knew you knew about the MLB. New episodes post every Wednesday or Thursday, making this podcast an excellent way to get through the thick of the weekly grind.

4. Statcast

In between the laughs provided by Cut4Cast, Statcast ensures that baseball fans maintain their MLB expertise. Hosts Mike Petriello and Matt Meyers invite a wide variety of genius guests to chat about how Statcast technology is helping baseball evolve with modern times while keeping the tradition alive. Regular listeners of Statcast will become the go-to stats guru in the group and are sure to give everyone a run for their money on fantasy teams. New episodes post once a week.

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5. International Talk

For a look at life through a baseball lens, check out International Talk. This podcast offers a chance to hang out every Monday and Friday with legendary MLB broadcaster Chris Rose and Toronto Blue Jays World Series champion Kevin Millar. They invite an enormous variety of personalities to shoot the breeze about baseball and beyond. This is another excellent podcast with which to start or end the workday.

Each of these podcasts is provided for free by MLB.com, so listeners can have baseball coverage they can trust at their fingertips. There is at least one episode to choose from every day of the week. From humor and nonsense to hard-hitting news and cutting-edge stats reports, there is a podcast here for every type of fan.