5 Great Apps for Baseball Fans

5 Best Apps for Fans of Baseball

  • ESPN Fantasy Baseball
  • CBS Sports
  • iCards
  • GameChanger
  • MLB at Bat

The best apps for baseball fans are suitable for anyone who loves Major League Baseball. Those who play fantasy sports will find products they can use to keep track of trades as players move from one team to another. Other apps help them keep track of their favorite players and see their stats which are updated after each game. Fans can use these apps in different ways.

1. ESPN Fantasy Baseball

ESPN is the largest sports network in the world and the company behind the ESPN Fantasy Baseball app. Sometimes called a must have app for those with fantasy teams, it provides users with statistics and general information about players to help them make changes to their line ups. ESPN releases a new version of the app each year with updated details about players on the rosters of each major team. It also updates during the season as players make changes to their fantasy teams.

2. CBS Sports

Designed for fans of any sports, CBS Sports is a free app that works on iPhone and Apple devices. It is similar to a radio app because it lets users tune in and listen to games as they happen. The app also provides support and works with affiliate stations across the country to automatically update scores. Users can open the app and check the updated scores of the day and view the final scores from past games. Live audio streaming is available for any games broadcast on CBS.

3. iCards

Though baseball card collecting isn’t as popular today as it once was, millions of people still buy, sell and trade baseball cards. The iCards app helps them maintain a database of all their cards. They can take photos and list details regarding the condition of each one. Those who attend events for collectors can use the app to talk about their baseball cards and to make deals for trading and selling those cards. The app is available in different versions for those who collect other types of cards, including hockey and football cards.

4. GameChanger

The makers designed this app for those who play baseball. It lets users record information after a game, including who played and their statistics as well as the final score. They can then share that information with others. The app has a live stream feature that allows users to stream videos taken during the game as they play and later. It is free to use and available for Android and Apple devices. Men’s Journal ranked the best apps for baseball fans; GameChanger was number six.

5. MLB at Bat

One reason the MLB at Bat app is so popular is because of the number of people cutting the cord and ending their cable contracts. This app charges a monthly fee but gives users access to live games and MLB coverage on their phones and other devices. Users can sign up for an annual fee, which reduces the overall cost of the app. It lets them keep track of their favorite teams and read articles on any breaking news related to those teams and players. The app also features live scores and provides a schedule of all upcoming games.

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Baseball apps can change the way that players think about the sport and keep up with their favorite players. Not only can they listen to and watch games, but they can keep track of their cards and teams. The best apps for baseball fans are available for those who play and watch the sport.