Where Do Sports Managers Work?

Getting your education as a sports manager is a great opportunity if you are hard working, love athletics, fitness, and sports and you have the knowledge to be a good leader. There are many different positions that you can take on when you are a sports manager. You can work for professional sports teams, minor league teams and even college or high school level athletics. If you are thinking about traveling down this path of sports management, let’s take a look at some of the various positions you can take on.

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High School Athletics

Working as a sports manager at a high school level usually encompasses a lot of different roles. You might be in charge of the athletic classes that go on each day for students. There may be other events that you will need to organize that gets everybody moving like races, walk-a-thons and field days. You may have employees under you that you need to manage and there is a lot that goes into the management of the athletic department at a school. Gym maintenance and repairs, equipment maintenance, locker room maintenance, etc.

College Athletics

At a college level, there is usually a lot more to manage. As a sports manager, you will be taking on the gym location as well as other athletic facilities that happen to be on site. There are sports teams to manage, classes to supervise and equipment to keep an eye on. The staff you are responsible for is usually quite extensive and includes everything from coaches to facilities managers. Forbes shares further details about entering the field of Sports Management.

Facility Manager

A facility manager falls under the scope of a sports manager. This manager is responsible for everything that goes on at a certain facility or location. This can relate to building maintenance, taking care of team equipment, cleaning up after events, hiring staff to work events and managing the day-to-day activities.

Professional Sports Team

A professional sports team has a number of events over the course of a season and there are a lot of people that come and go from a certain facility. This is a fast-paced and exciting job opportunity to take on. You may need a number of years of experience in order to secure one of these positions. It is important that you know how to handle everything that is thrown at you and you are able to keep everything running very smoothly. If you aren’t yet at this point but would like to work your way up to this point, you can opt to work for a minor league team if you want some experience that will prepare you for what is to come.

It takes a hard worker to coordinate the jobs of a sports manager and to be able to get it all done each day. Organizational skills are a must and without multi-tasking and efficiency, this job can quickly become overwhelming. It is important to think about the size of the job you want to take on and this will guide you in the right direction. Something smaller scale might lead you on the path to a high school athletics department while more experience and know-how will allow you to work for a professional sports team.